PT-Conf 2007

M-am simțit mândru că sunt român!

I was proud to be Romanian!

  PT-Conf 2009

I would like to thank you for the extraordinary journey you offered me I would like to thank you for your warm hospitality, your excellent organisation, and the quality of your Conference.

PhD Piotr Robouch
Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) of the Joint Research Center European Commission Belgia

I had a delightful and educational visit to Sibiu. Thank you for your kind hospitality.  Please offer my appreciations to the entire organizing team, for a successful conference.

Dan Tholen
  PT-Conf 2011

The Conference brings together a number of people really interested to meet and discuss, not just “to show up”; that is useful and should be further promoted. The Conference is not so big which promotes discussion opportunity and exchange of ideas; this was enhanced by the fact that there was more time for questions and discussion than in other Conferences e.g. a full day was allocated to training sessions !
Specific topics were addressed: metrological traceability, 17025, etc.

Prof Paul De Bièvre
Accreditation and Quality Assurance Journal for Quality, Comparability and Reliability in Chemical Measurement SPRINGER Belgium
  PT-Conf 2013

I thank you for a wonderful conference, and to express my gratitude for being invited. Congratulations on a very successful conference. I appreciated the opportunity to interact with scientists who are struggling with interpretations of the Standards, and with top-level experts who can help guide my work. I enjoyed seeing you again, and another beautiful region in Romania.

Dan Tholen

I want to congratulate for the success of your immense efforts you must have spent to make the Conference happen, to have assembled experts of worldwide reknown, who were again ready to come to the biennal “PTConf” in Romania (they have become your most ardent supporters).

Prof. Paul de Bievre
Founding Editor-in-Chief of ACQUAL,Belgium

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the 4th PT conference in Brașov.

I believe that this series of conferences in Romania is very worthwhile as an exchange of information for proficiency testing throughout the world. The presentations and training exercises were of a very high quality.

Philip Briggs, General Manager
Proficiency Testing Australia

I wanted first of all to thank you for inviting me to the 4th PT International Conference.
I would like also to congratulate you for the fantastic Conference that you organized once again. The quality of the presentations, the very pleasant atmosphere and the fantastic hospitality made it a real success.

PhD Piotr Robuch
Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) of the Joint Research Center European Commission Belgia
  PT-Conf 2015

Many thanks for organizing the PT-Conf 2015, giving me the opportunity to give a presentation with a wonderful audience, good food, lovely weather, fantastic social program and the warm welcome of the organizing/scientific committee. Give my applause to them.
Where would be the next PTconf 2017?

Kees van Putten
Project Manager Proficiency Testing DUCARES B.V.

Mă număr printre numeroșii și mulțumiții participanți ai conferinței PT CONF 2015 Timișoara. Vă rog să primiți recunoscătoarele aprecieri pentru impecabila organizare a evenimentului în toate planurile lui.

I count among the numerous and thankful participants of the PT CONF 2015 conference Timisoara, for which reason I would like to receive the grateful appreciation for the impeccable organization of the event in all its plans.

Dr. Catalin Negreanu
Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Laboratory, București, România

I am very happy for participating in the PT Conf 2015. It was an experience very interesting and I learnt a lot.

Juana Ferreiro López-Rioboo, Jefa de Sección del Laboratorio, Responsable Técnico Químico-Textil
Laboratorio de Consumo de Galicia

I was honoured to attend the PT- Conf and to have the opportunity to share my work with expert colleagues.

Patrizia Stefanelli
National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) - Department of Environmental and Primary Prevention, Pesticide Section

Hello the super organization team. Once again I’d like to thank you for the great conference of last week – it gets better and better every time, thanks to your commitment!

Marleen Abdel Massih, Technical Responsible REQUASUD
UCL – Earth and Life Institute (ELIM), Laboratory of Food and Environmental Microbiology

I want to thank you again for the Conference and for your availability.
My participation has been an incredible experience.
I have been impressed not only by the scientific relevance but also by the diligence of you all.
I hope I will participate in the next Conference and meet you again.
My best thanks and kind regards to you and your staff.

Angela Sorbo
Dip. SPVSA / EU-RL CEFAO, Istituto Superiore di Sanità

This conference provided an ideal opportunity for networking and sharing of information relating to proficiency testing. My informal communication with others in attendance was a high level of satisfaction with the standard of the conference and an intention to attend the next conference scheduled in 2017. I wish to congratulate Graziela Guslicov, Conference President, the Conference Steering Committee and the other members of the International Advisory Committee for the successful conference.

Philip Briggs, General Manager
Proficiency Testing Australia

I am happy to report favorably on the experience of the 5th PT-Conf in Timisoara. The verbal presentations were of a very high level; some were better than others certainly, but they were a good representation of current practice in PT from reputable PT providers.
Equally important, I talked with many people who told me how excited they were to meet other experts and providers, and establish relationships that will endure – and that will help them in their efforts for PT schemes. This is something that can only occur at conferences.
I was delighted to see yet another beautiful City and region in Romania. There are such beautiful cities, and rich in both culture and history. The history is wrapped up so much that is important throughout modern as well as ancient cultures, and a full understanding requires understanding of Romania. I am forever indebted to you and your colleagues for giving me these experiences.


I found “your” Conference a delightful and useful event. Delightful because:
1. the pretty atmosphere between your team and the speakers and participants,
2. the excellent practical organization,
3. the focussing on difficult items of Metrology, made visible by the character and content of the questions from the participants,
4. the focussing on difficult items of Metrology, made visible by the choice of your speakers for essential characteristics of metrology in their presentations,
5. the truly impressive “side programme” amongst which the “Night at the Opera” was a foremost event, unexpected and admired by all Conference participants.
Let me now wish you a few quiet days “away from it all” full of nice remembrances for what you have (again !!) achieved for other people’s benefit!

Prof. Paul de Bievre
Founding Editor-in-Chief of ACQUAL,Belgium

Thank you Dear PTConf Organisers!

I wanted to thank you once more for the FANTASTIC event you organised !!! BRAVO

Scientific Officer, European Commission, Directorate-General Joint Research Centre, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Standards for Food Bioscience Unit, European Union Reference Laboratory for Heavy Metal
  PT-Conf 2017

I would like to congratulate you for the excellent organisation of PTConf 2017.
The quality of the various contributions and associated discussions were extremely useful for me. The selection of the exhibitors was also excellent.
I wish the continuation of these series of workshops which proves to be useful for the Romanian and International community.


Prof, PhD Ricardo Bentecourt da Silva
Centro de Química Estrutural ([email protected]) Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa

Thank you for the PT Conf.
Oral presentations were interesting and to a high standard covering many aspects of PT.
Booklet of proceedings had excellent papers on the conference themes from around the world.
The MIC training course on Measurement Uncertainty was presented very well and the concepts will be most useful for PT providers.
Overall the PT conference was well attended and was a success.

Philip Briggs, General Manager
Proficiency Testing Australia

The sixth International Proficiency Testing Conference in Cluj Napoca met our expectations. Invited lecturers are experts with many years of experience in the field. Participants had the opportunity to listen to valuable lectures. Participants were given the opportunity to gain new insights into the uncertainty of analytical instrumental methods in relation to PT results. The conference was organized at a high level. The conference program was rich. Working groups have enabled the participants of this conference to be hired and exchanged contacts for further co-operation. The conference discussions have greatly contributed to disseminate knowledge and inovative ideas with a focus on Proficiency testing. The lessons learned will be used in our professional activity. The venue of the conference met the requirements for organizing this meeting of international experts. The course of the conference was seamless. Conference organizers were very friendly and nice. We like to take part in a similar conference in the future.

Ing. Angelika Kassai, PhD. Coordinator PT
Národné referenčné laboratórium pre oblasť vôd na Slovensku, Oddelenie fyzikálno-chemickej, anorganickej a rádiochemickej analýzy, VÝSKUMNÝ ÚSTAV VODNÉHO HOSPODÁRSTVA, WATER RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Department of physico-chemical, inorganic and radiochemical analyses, Bratislava

Thank you very much for organizing this event. It was again very well organized!
We have always considered the PTConf to be a fruitful and effective conference for us.

Sebastian Pohl
Marketing & Distribution, QuoData GmbH, Quality & Statistics, Dresden

Regarding the PT Conference 2017, it was a pleasure to participate. Compliments to the organizers – excellent social program, interesting and useful themes and training course, good accommodation at Grand Hotel Napoca. Looking forward to seeing you in 2019!

Milena Dražić B.Sc.in Environmental Protection