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Today's Bathroom Tile Trends

Instead of an all white bathroom , designers are opting for darker floor tile.The black floor tile by @hendricksoninteriors here helps ground the space and gives it dimension.

Today's Bathroom Tile Trends
And while shiny black tile might look dated, note the matte finish, large hexagon shape and subtle veining in this tile.4 / 10courtesy @sebringdesignbuild/instagramBathroom Tile Trend: Earthy NeutralsCool grays and bright whites once ruled the day in bathroom tile, but the trend is moving to the warmer side of the color wheel.The tile in this bathroom by @sebringdesignbuild showcases shades of ivory on the walls and greens and browns on the floor.

Small Bathroom Makeover: Floor Tile

As you might already know I’m currently in the midst of giving my teenage son’s small bathroom a little makeover.The Herringbone Floor Tile PlanAs you may recall when I shared the full makeover plan for this bathroom, I mentioned that I was planning to have the builder basic tile replaced.

Small Bathroom Makeover: Floor Tile
And I really think it makes this small bathroom look larger.

And even having paid for the labor, for about $715 I got a brand new much more custom looking tile floor.* This makeover project is being sponsored by Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Small bathroom flooring ideas: from bold colors and striking

Be inspired to fulfill your small bathroom ideas with our selection of small bathroom flooring ideas and create a compact room that ticks the boxes for style and functionality.Small bathroom flooring ideasWhen it comes to planning your small bathroom flooring ideas, many flooring companies offer free apps to help visualize the finish in your room, and one of the real upsides of only needing a few square feet is that you can splash out on a super luxe finish.For some beautiful inspiration for bathroom ideas, explore our top small bathroom flooring ideas, from bathroom floor tile ideas and vinyl bathroom flooring to marble bathroom flooring and non-slip bathroom floors.To create a truly tranquil bathroom space, an all-white scheme with matching white flooring will make a small bathroom feel much bigger and brighter.Create an intricate tile design(Image credit: Neptune)A small bathroom floor is a great place to go all out for bathroom tile ideas.

60 Luxury Bathroom Floor Tile Design Ideas

Though today’s interior design magazines may give an alternative impression, bathroom flooring-as-art dates back to the time of the ancient Romans, if not further.Beginning with the gorgeously ornate mosaic tiles of villas and spas, and arguably reaching its peak during the Art Deco period, bathroom floor décor has only just begun to make headlines in crucial interior design guides.

60 Luxury Bathroom Floor Tile Design Ideas
From Morocco to the Pacific Northwest, updated bathroom floor design inspirations are truly globe-spanning masterpieces of quality and eye-appeal.While tile “carpet” designs add a bit of the boutique hotel vibe, raw stone and abstract layouts compliment the contemporary abode.

From ceiling to floor, there is no detail too casual to consider, and what better place to start than the floor you tread upon morning, noon, and night?

Top 50 Best Shower Floor Tile Ideas

While the bathtub is a much-needed commodity for many, others prefer the straightforward efficiency of the shower.Today’s shower floor tile ideas and designs are crafted with the bespoke gentleman in mind, the man who prefers briskness over basking, but never at the expense of taste.And few can argue against the simple sumptuousness of stepping onto a superbly crafted shower floor.Shower floor tiling may seem like a trivial detail at first, but the schemes, colors, and textures sweeping the interior design world may just change even the most obstinate of minds.A little well-placed nuance here and style flourish there goes a long way in transforming a mere shower into a sacred haven.

Peel-and-Stick Tile: A Foolproof Guide to Doing It Yourself

Photo: Phil Hearing /UnsplashInstead of spending your days actively avoiding looking down, consider turning to one of the unsung heroes of DIY: peel-and-stick tile.Find the right product for youBefore going further, it’s important to note that not all peel-and-stick tiles are created for equal tasks.The floor tiles are generally designed in larger patterns than the more subway-style wall tiles, but their differences reach beyond aesthetics.Additionally, peel-and-stick tile material varies (it can be vinyl, stone, or one of many others), and that will change the price point exponentially.The rest of this article will focus on floor tile, so read on if you’re ready to spruce up an unsightly bathroom.

18 Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas and Designs for 2021

If you are considering renovating or updating your bathroom, it’s essential to have several bathroom flooring ideas before going to work.Classic, Timeless Marble Bathroom FlooringMarble is a popular bathroom flooring design because it’s classic, timeless and stands the test of time.Bold, Pattern Tile Bathroom Flooring OptionsThis bold printed bathroom tile really draws your attention.

18 Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas and Designs for 2021
Pair this lovely bathroom flooring with a soft grey and pops of light pink for a super cute and stylish bathroom design.Floor Stickers for an Easy Bathroom TransformationIf you’re looking for a quick and easy bathroom transformation, these floor stickers might just be the perfect option for you.

Unleash the Creativity of Hexagon Tile: Hexagon Tile Uses and

It’s no secret that hexagon tile is one of the most popular tile designs and one of our personal favorites.It helps that hexagon tile looks great just about everywhere and in every look and tile style.

Unleash the Creativity of Hexagon Tile: Hexagon Tile Uses and
Hexagon Tile Applications: Where to Put Hexagon TileYou can use hexagon tile on any surface inside or outside your home.Hexagon Tile Fireplace SurroundThe fireplace is the center of any room, making it the perfect place to make a design impact with hexagon tile.This modern living room creates a hexagon floor tile design by strategically arranging the gray and white tiles for a one-of-a-kind look.

Hexagon Bathroom Tile Ideas: From Floors to Shower Walls

Hexagon tile bathroom ideas are a fresh take on upgrades of the classic tile designs.Here are some of the hexagon tile bathroom ideas coming in all sizes to try for your bathroom.Say Something with ItAdding some statement into your bathroom floor is possible with the hexagon tile bathroom ideas.Some Trompe L’oeil EffectLet your bathroom floor convey a 3-D effect with the hexagon tile bathroom ideas.TakeawayThe attractive and well-organized hexagon tile bathroom ideas often demand attention no matter what your room design is.


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