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I knew the landscaping I wanted for our house was a row of well trimmed, rounded boxwoods.The dirt, mulch, sheeting, and boxwoods for this exterior fix up we did was like $500.

Remove the plant container from the circle.

Use a round point shovel to dig a hole that’s as deep as the plant container is tall and 5 – 6 inches wider than the container.

I also like boxwoods because our beds are full shade and they will still do well there.

What are the Best Boxwoods for Front of House?

The next best side to plant boxwoods is the west side of the house, followed by the east side of the house.5 Best Boxwoods for Foundation PlantingBelow you will find 5 best boxwoods for foundation planting.

What are the Best Boxwoods for Front of House?
Dwarf boxwoods should be planted 2 feet from the house while larger boxwoods such as Winter Gem boxwoods should be planted 3 feet from the house.

Don’t Plant Boxwoods too Close to DownspoutsNever plant boxwoods too close to downspouts.

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Sneak Peek of my Boxwood: Before & After -

Last weekend all the right angled boxwood in the front of my house was installed by my fabulous landscaper Nelson (Kyle) Dupuis (below).Nelson also installed all the flagstone pathways at the front and back of our house.And here’s the boxwood with the pathway moved over quite a bit.

Sneak Peek of my Boxwood: Before & After -
To make sure the undertones in your home are right, get some large samples!If you would like to learn how to choose colour with confidence, click here to become a True Colour Expert.

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This weekend I (with a little help from my husband and brother) completely re-did the foundation landscaping in front of the porch.When we purchased the home, the only landscaping out front was a row of very old burning bushes on each side of the sidewalk.

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I love burning bushes, but these did not “burn” in this spot because it is shady and they need more sun to turn their characteristic vibrant red.

The timing of the new planting and transplanting the burning bushes was perfect this weekend.What do you think about the new landscaping and the burning bushes?

Let's talk Boxwood with Lawns of Dallas and @ThePottedBoxwood

The Lawns of Dallas Team was recently featured in an Instagram Live interview and discussion about best practices with boxwoods on IGTV with The Potted Boxwood’s Christina Dandar.As an aficionado of all things chic and, well… boxwood, Christina asked Lawns of Dallas experts Ryan Burrow and Giuseppe Baldi for some pro tips and pointers for healthy, beautiful boxwoods.Here are some of the highlights:Q – What varieties are commonly used and most successful in North Texas?A- Boxwood can be planted successfully if proper techniques are used in fall, winter or spring.Lawns of Dallas regularly designs, installs and maintains landscapes featuring boxwood of various varieties.

Gardenista Roundup: For Love of Boxwood

Above: A looser topiarized look can also work, as shown by the slightly shaggy boxwood hedges at Dan Pearson’s Old Rectory, in the heart of a Cotswolds village.Influenced by French garden designs, landscape designer Andrea Filippone laid out her vegetable garden in a grid, each perfect square edged with box.For more of her garden, see The Garden Designer is In: A Deer-proof Edible Garden.Above: We love this well-proportioned townhouse garden in Brooklyn, where Susan Welti of Foras Studio clipped boxwood into balls and a cube.Finally, get more ideas on how to successfully plant, grow, and care for boxwood with our Boxwood: A Field Guide.

Landscaping and Garden Design Plan

The time has come for us to actually be doing some physical work at the house.I transplanted some very old peony bushes in the back right that I’m so excited about – more on those later.As you can see from the design plan, I’m doing a lot of symmetrical beds – my style.To my left, very charming south neighbor’s yard.I assure you after a week of work it already looks better than these photos I took a couple of weeks ago.


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