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7 utility room ideas combining practicality and style

Thinking back to the laundry room in my childhood home, it was far from stylish – although the polished concrete flooring is on-trend today, the rest certainly wouldn’t be.Quite brilliantly so, because there was no door to the stairs so you wouldn’t even get the classic laundry room air – you know, kind of muggy, very warm, makes your glasses fog up.You could hide your laundry space away behind a pocket door, which slides into the door when it’s open.

7 utility room ideas combining practicality and style
This scheme features Scavolini‘s Rivo furniture in Navajo Elm textured laminate, which has been combined with features from the brand’s Laundry Space range.

The scheme features a lift-up worktop with pull-out ironing board, for example, as well as a sink with pull-out washboard.

30 laundry room ideas for snug and sizeable spaces

Great laundry room ideas can make all the difference to what can be a loathsome task.Laundry room ideas for seamless style and functionCreate a, dare we say, blissful environment replete with laundry room storage ideas and clever decor tricks.

30 laundry room ideas for snug and sizeable spaces
Transform your lackluster laundry room from messy to immaculate with easy laundry room organization ideas, clever configurations and pro styling tips that will scrub up and refresh how you use and see your space.

Create laundry space in a kitchen(Image credit: B&M)No room for a laundry room?

You'll love a laundry room that is functional as well as beautiful!’How do you set up a laundry room?

Converting Powder Bath to Full Bath

Although functional, the adjacent laundry room was outdated and in need of a fresh look.The homeowners wanted to convert the half bath to a full bath to make guests feel more comfortable in their home.COMBINING ROOMS: In order to create enough space to add a full bath for guests, the original powder bath and laundry room were combined into one space.

Converting Powder Bath to Full Bath
NATURAL LIGHT: The window from the existing laundry room helps flood the expanded space with an abundant amount of natural light.The same glass subway tile installed in the shower was used for the backsplash for a clean and consistent look.


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