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Take a trip with me to Indianapolis to see this gorgeous, mid-size transitional kitchen by aaNovo!Dark lower cabinets add warmth and depth to the transitional kitchen.

I love the creamy shade of upper cabinets and the darker lower cabinets with brushed gold hardware.

Photo by aaNovoYou can see more of this transitional kitchen (and some of the other rooms) by aaNovo over at Houzz.See More Kitchen Inspiration:Atlanta Kitchen Renovation Adds New LifeSmall Galley Kitchen with Loads of StyleVintage Kitchen Remodel in Historic Home

white/light upper cabinets, dark lower & dark island

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Two-Toned RV Kitchen

credit: the.wild.fortenberrys (top) and lesshousemoretrails (bottom) Say goodbye to those ugly brown and beige RV cabinets and say hello to a beautiful two-toned kitchen.In a smaller space like an RV kitchen, one of the biggest challenges is making the kitchen look bright and not too top-heavy.

Two-Toned RV Kitchen
The lighter upper cabinets reflect the natural light and make the kitchen feel taller and more spacious.

But when mixing colors for your kitchen cabinets, it’s not enough to just pick coordinating hues between cabinet colors.Let us know in the comments below what you think about these inspirational two-tone RV kitchen remodels.

27+ Fresh Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2022 (With Pictures

Wood cabinets come in all different grains and colors, so there is sure to be something that suits you!White Cabinets with Light or Natural WoodWhen I hear white and wood cabinets, I immediately go somewhere Scandinavian.

27+ Fresh Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2022 (With Pictures
White Upper Cabinets with Dark Wood Lower Cabinets and/or IslandsLet’s go to the dark side now, and explore the world of white cabinets with dark wood contrasting cabinets.

Green and White CabinetsGreen kitchen cabinets are the next blue kitchen cabinets, and I have them in spades!

It really looks black however, so it is our inspo for a two-tone gray and black kitchen regardless!

7 Reasons to Choose Dark Cabinets for The Kitchen

The styles vary from modern frameless dark cabinets or dark shaker cabinets in grey, brown, and black.Suppose 45% of homeowners surveyed prefer white kitchen cabinets, that leaves 55% who choose some combination of dark or two-tone cabinets.

7 Reasons to Choose Dark Cabinets for The Kitchen
If white cabinets are so popular, then why would homeowners choose dark kitchen cabinets?

Unlike white cabinets, dark cabinets can give the kitchen an intimate ambiance and more formal elegance.Dark shaker kitchen cabinets in a combination of black and dark grey finishes can give the kitchen a welcoming and cozy kitchen atmosphere.

5 NEW Kitchen "Trends" We're Seeing and Loving (and Some We're

So, keep reading if you’re into seeing what we think are some fresher (read: NOT just “trendy”) takes on kitchen design.Or keep reading if you rolled your eyes at the “kitchen trends” title and want to hate comment on it all…either way, keep reading because you’re already here and you might as well.

5 NEW Kitchen
Counter CabinetryOf all the design trends on this roundup, this is probably my favorite.The pros of these countertop cabinets are that they look really charming and classic, and allow easy, casual access to items.

The five kitchen design inspirations that we love and almost all of them we are doing.

Black Kitchen Cabinets The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth of having black kitchen cabinets isn’t always talked about.Sharing from my experience the pros and cons of having black cabinets in your home.

Black Kitchen Cabinets The Ugly Truth
The UGLY truth behind Black Painted CabinetsFirst, I really do love black painted furniture in home decor.

I will be using this painted kitchen cabinets tutorial again myself.

NEWEST UPDATE: DIY Kitchen Makeover RevealI’d love to hear what you think about black cabinets.

Meredith Owen Interiors and Hatch + Ulland Owen Architects Partner

Meredith Owen from Meredith Owen Interiors — along with her husband’s firm Hatch + Ulland Owen Architects — took on such a project when friends, who were ready to downsize, chose them to create their new home.A family with two children, they wanted the home to be functional but also with an elevated design aesthetic.This allows space for people to congregate in the kitchen — from the kids doing homework to the adults having a cocktail party.“Mixing something that doesn’t feel perfect in a new construction always makes it feel a lot more homey,” says Meredith.

Meredith Owen Interiors and Hatch + Ulland Owen Architects Partner
For Meredith, this project was especially satisfying in that she felt the details she added were catered to her friends’ unique style.


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