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Wine Glass Centerpieces

Whether you are having a wine themed wedding, or just looking for different options for centerpieces, there are many cute and unique ways to use wine glasses as part of your centerpiece.Make a stand by using upside down wine glasses between two plates, pieces of glass, or mirrors.

Wine Glass Centerpieces
Place fruit in wine glasses; this would look nice paired with candles and larger flower vases.

Colored wine glasses make cute napkin holders and rich colored stones are a beautiful way to incorporate color as well.

There are a lot of cute centerpieces that can be made with wine glasses and they are great alternatives to vases and votive candle holders.

Multipurpose Glassware

It also highlighted a few pieces of glassware that are not primarily used as centerpieces.These multipurpose glasses included, wine glasses, oversized glassware, and mason jars.In this blog, we are going to delve into our other rental items that have been deemed multipurpose.A few will be more centerpiece options, but others will teach you about glassware that can be used for both food and beverages.First, let’s go over a few more uses for the multipurpose glasses from the centerpiece blog.

10+ Stunning Reception Centerpiece Ideas That You Can Steal For

A wedding reception table centerpiece is the cornerstone of any wedding reception decor.Having said that, whether you opt for bright and bold flowers or small and colorful blooms or eclectic edible arrangements, just make sure your wedding reception centerpiece is eye-catching and reflects your wedding theme.To help you find the perfect fit for your wedding, we’ve rounded up a list of some really unique ideas and arrangements for the centerpiece.

10+ Stunning Reception Centerpiece Ideas That You Can Steal For
Lantern centerpiece:Lanterns also make for really elegant and stunning reception table centerpieces.Image Source – Wedding by Knotty Days5.

Chatham Bars Inn Rehearsal Dinner

Here’s a quick post to show off this lovely Chatham Bars Inn rehearsal dinner.Lauren and Dave invited a bunch of their closest friends and family to celebrate with them.Dave’s parents put together a fun and intimate evening.Dave’s dad made an amazing slideshow of photos from when they were little until their micro wedding in Chatham the year before.Chatham Bars Inn Rehearsal Dinner

Large wedding topper in cream and white Wedding centerpieces in

Purchase> select priceLARGE WEDDING TOPPER IN CREAM AND WHITEWEDDING CENTERPIECES Shown at $155.00Standard$130.00 Deluxe$155.00 Premium$200.00 All prices shown in US dollars Product Description Call us to create your special wedding centerpiecesYou might also be interested in these arrangements

Big Dot of Happiness But First, Wine

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Big Dot of Happiness But First, Wine
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Party Packages

Dimensions & PricingThe dimensions for each arrangement are approximate and can be tweaked.The minimum for any party package order is $500.

Party Packages
You can custom order the number of pieces you need.

We can match your color palette, or reccomend our best in-season blooms for you event.

15 Elagant Wedding Reception Centerpieces Ideas

24 Awesome Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Christmas

29 DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces

Wine Glass ChandelierA wine glass chandelier like this is all you need to add the right bling this festive season.Wine Glass Air Plant HomeYou just need an air plant, some sand, burlap, and of course, a wine glass to complete this arrangement.Wine Glass Candle HolderThis Wine Glass Candle Holders with starfish, seashells, and sea glass is delicately gorgeous and elegant.

29 DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces
Wine Glass BouquetTry making this gorgeous bouquet using a wine glass, fresh roses, and other decorative items of your choice.

Wine Glass With Christmas FigurinesHere’s a clever way to dress your Christmas table using an inverted wine glass, tealights, and mini baubles.


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