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22 Brilliant Towel Bar Organization Hacks

We have rounded up some out of the box and brilliant ways to organize your home with a towel bar!|Towel OrganizationSometimes you should use a towel bar for just that, holding towels!Mount a towel bar to the fake drawer under your kitchen sink to make drying your hands convenient and you’ll always have a towel handy!

22 Brilliant Towel Bar Organization Hacks
|Desk OrganizerThis towel bar organizer for your desk is a brilliant way to add extra storage when you’re lacking drawer space!The black towel bar with white baskets definitely gives off the farmhouse look everyone is going for!

17 Genius Towel Bar Organization Hacks 17 Towel Bar Organization Hacks

17 Genius Towel Bar Organization HacksSharing is caring!That’s how it felt when I first stumbled upon these towel rod organization hacks.Charging Station Using Towel RodUse a towel bar or IKEA’s Fin torp system (affiliate) to create a designated charging station for your device.Towel Rod as Kitchen Towel HangersYou can add a towel bar to that fake drawer in your kitchen to hang your dish hand towels from.Enjoyed These 17 Towel Rod Organization Hacks and Are Looking for More Clever ways to Organize?

23 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas: Towel Holders, Racks and Hooks

If you also run out of storage space for your daily using stuff like towel, shampoo, soap, scrubber, oil, etc.then, make some DIY shelves or rack in your bathroom along with a towel holder and drag an end to that trouble permanently.Wall hanging racks and towel holders are the best choice in such matters as they need comparatively less space to set.

23 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas: Towel Holders, Racks and Hooks
Here we are suggesting a few simple DIY projects as towel holders and racks for your house, which only need some basic appliances to be made perfectly.

Let’s explore them quickly-DIY Bathroom Towel Storage – Hang a Basket(Tutorial: makinglemonadeblog )Towel rack made of wooden pallets and crates(Tutorial: Beautiful mess )Wooden Bathroom Towel hanger(Tutorial: myFabulesslife )Turn Wire baskets into Towel Holder(Tutorial: Pink tumble weed )Ladder Towel rack(Tutorial: oaks blog )Reclaimed Wood Faucet Towel Hanger(Tutorial: apieceofrainbow )DIY Turn old Headboard into Towel Holder(Tutorial: Iheartnaptime )Towel bar in Leather Loop(Tutorial: Ohohblog ) ( french)DIY Nautical Rope Towel Holder(Tutorial: h2obungalow )Yet another rope towel holder(Tutorial: Lori )DIY Organizer – Towel Rack and Hook(Tutorial: Taryn Whiteaker )Repurposed Turned Towel Hooks(Tutorial: curtain tie backs towel hooks )Re purpose your old suitcase or trunk into towel rack(Tutorial: Storage glee )Towel Hangers Back Side of the Door(Tutorial: Jenna burger )Picture Frame Towel Hang(Tutorial: robolady )Rustic towel rackDIY Wooden Beads Towel Ring(Tutorial: Spoon fork bacon )DIY Driftwood Towel Hooks(Tutorial: Sustain my craft habit )DIY Rustic Branch Towel Bar(Tutorial: pretty handy girl )DIY Walnut stained pinewood towel Rack Hook(Tutorial: Shanty 2 chic )DIY Wooden Hand Towel Ring(Tutorial: Cuckoo4design )How to Turn Old Window into Picture Frame Towel Rack(Tutorial: Lemons Lavender )Bonus: DIY Towel Rack Labels(Tutorial: Yankee homestead )Bonus: DIY PVC Towel Hanger(Tutorial: Make Life Lovely )Pin it for later

Scrap Wood Towel Rack--{3 EASY Steps to Build Your Own!}

In this post, I’m sharing how to build a Simple DIY Scrap Wood Towel Rack!So I built a simple scrap wood towel rack to hang over the tub to add some texture and wood tones to the space.For this Scrap Wood Towel Rack, You Will Need:Cut List for Scrap Wood Towel Rack:(2) 2×2 @ 12″ long(4) 2×2 @ 5″ long(2) 2×2 @ 24″ longStep 1: Assemble Back and Sides of Towel RackI rummaged through my scrap pile and found several random pieces of 2×2.But, it serves it’s purpose and looks great doing it 🙂If you’re looking for scrap wood storage, check out this DIY scrap wood storage cart.Scrap Wood Wall Shelves Scrap Wood Keepsake Box Scrap Wood Cutting Board Scrap Wood Leaf Sign Scrap Wood Guitar BookendsCheck out the full reveal of this bathroom here, but this simple little towel rack really stole the show in this corner.

Juvale 2-Tier 1-Bar Organizer Shelf, Towel Rack, Wall Mount for

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Juvale 2-Tier 1-Bar Organizer Shelf, Towel Rack, Wall Mount for
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27 simple RV Bathroom Storage Ideas and RV Bathroom Organization

I have collected 27 RV bathroom storage ideas that are sure to help you organize your RV bathroom.Command Hook holding a hand towel next to RV bathroom sinkClick here for more RV towel bar and RV towel storage ideas.RV Bathroom Garbage CansYou usually don’t have a lot of space in your RV bathroom.

27 simple RV Bathroom Storage Ideas and RV Bathroom Organization
21 RV Kitchen Storage Ideas [get your RV kitchen organized today]61 smart RV Storage Ideas to get your RV organizedMore RV-related Articles9 easy RV Shoe Storage Ideas11 simple RV Decorating Ideas (get the look you want)As you can see by the old image below, this article used to have only 8 RV bathroom storage ideas, but I’ve updated and improved it to include 27 ideas to try and help you out.

8 Space-Saving RV Bathroom Storage IdeasBelow is my old Pinterest pin for this article…back when it only had 8 RV bathroom storage ideas.


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