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Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging

PinterestFacebookTwitterEmailIntroducing my new ombre paper chain wall hanging!This paper chain wall hanging is another way to turn simple strips of paper into something beautiful.Supplies for Paper Chain Wall HangingTo make it you need just a few simple materials – Astrobrights cardstock, a paper cutter, stapler and scissors.

Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging
Here are the specific Astrobrights colors I used to create the ombre effect:How to Make the Paper Chain Wall HangingMaking the wall hanging is as easy as the paper chains you learned to make as a child.

Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging Active Time: 2 hours Total Time: 2 hours Download these printable instructions to make it even easier to make your own ombre paper chain wall hanging!

How to Make A Colorful Fall Feather Wall Hanging

This DIY feather wall hanging brought some vibrant fall color into our dining room and it is a piece of decor you can easily craft up yourself on a cool fall afternoon.Supplies for Paper Feather Wall HangingHow to Make a Paper Feather Wall Hanging1.To create the wall hanging, paint a 3 ft. long wood dowel with acrylic craft paint and let dry.

How to Make A Colorful Fall Feather Wall Hanging
Cut lengths of leather cording as long as you want the wall hanging to be (mine were about 3 ft. long).

If you like this style of paper wall art, then don't miss my ombre paper chain wall art!

15+ DIY Wall Hanging Ideas to Decorate Your Home • K4 Craft

Colorful Garland Wall Art With Origami PaperThis simple wall hanging looks very vibrant with its beautiful colours.Tissue Paper Pink Wall HangingThis wall hanging is spectacular piece of work, we love the way these pink flowers hang down.

15+ DIY Wall Hanging Ideas to Decorate Your Home • K4 Craft
We girls love anything pink so how about this beautiful pink wall hanging.

Wall Hanging Christmas Tree Exquisite DecorationThis is another wall hanging.Gold for Golden FutureThis is another creative wall hanging DIY (do it yourself).

Oh So Pretty! Ombre Paper Chain Wall Art

Ombre Paper Chain Wall ArtBY HAELEY GIAMBALVODesign ImprovisedMy most favorite crafts are simple projects that make a big impact.If you know how to make a paper chain, you can make this wall art!

Oh So Pretty! Ombre Paper Chain Wall Art
Paper chains are a classic kids craft but lately have made a comeback in adult crafting in the form of these large-scale wall hangings.

How to make a paper chain wall hanging:Colored CardstockHandheld StaplerScissorsCurtain Rod or Long Dowel1.I love how the pretty purple and blue shades look against the dark blue wall in our living room.


In August this blog will turn five years old, and I ask myself, why haven't I ever done a paper chain project?!But this rainbow wall hanging was no quick and easy feat, in fact, I made a few boo-boos I will share with you along the way!

Each sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" card stock paper will yield you ten pieces.And you'll need exactly 264 for this 16 1/2" x 24" wall hanging!

Plug in the glue gun, and follow the patterning as you see it below to make your wall hanging.

Handmade Wall Hangings with Paper

If you’re searching for handmade wall hangings with paper for kids to do at home, you’re in right place!Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of handmade wall hangings like DIY paper flower wall hanging crafts for home decoration, awesome homemade heart crafts for the room, beautiful flower crafts, wall mate hanging craft ideas using colored paper, and handicraft door hangings gift for birthday.

Handmade Wall Hangings with Paper
Handmade Wall Hangings With PaperRead More: DIY Wall Décor Ideas – Kids Room DecorationSimple Heart Wall Hanging Craft With PaperBeautiful Handmade Paper Flower Wall Hanging Craft IdeaBubbly’s DiaryDIY Paper Flower Wall Hanging Craft For Home DecorationBeautiful Wall Hanging Craft using Coloured PaperBubbly’s DiaryHow To Make Easy Handmade Paper Wall Hanging CraftHandmade Paper Craft Wall Hanging Decoration For RoomC for CraftRead More: Wall Hanging Christmas Tree Ideas with LightingAwesome Homemade Heart Craft For Wall HangingWall Hanging Paper Craft Using HeartEasy & Beautiful Handmade Flower Craft With Wall HangingPaper Crafts AllDIY Handmade Door Hanging Using PaperHandmade Wall Mate Hanging Craft Idea Using PaperCardboard Wall hanging craft Ideas for a school projectHandmade Handicraft Door Hangings Gift For BirthdayWe hope you like our list of Handmade Wall Hangings and will surely try to make them.Read more crafts ideas at our website if you like our handmade wall hangings with paper.

Please let us know which Handmade Wall Hanging you like the most in the comment section.

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How to Decorate a Party With Paper Crafts

Decorate your next party with paper crafts!Get creative with a variety of different paper craft ideas, from paper streamers and garlands to paper flowers and origami.The Unique Paper Stripe BackgroundThis rainbow paper garland is so easy and you only need tape and paper to make it.

How to Decorate a Party With Paper Crafts
Paper Wall DécorDIY paper hangings are such an incredible method to add some colour into your life.

You can choose from a variety of paper craft projects such as origami, scrapbooking, decoupage, and paper mache.


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Newspaper Wall Hanging Step-By-Step

This project is an easy newspaper wall hanging craft.Learn how to make wall hanging with newspaper with this step-by-step tutorial.This project is an easy newspaper wall hanging craft.

Newspaper Wall Hanging Step-By-Step
Learn how to make wall hanging with newspaper with this step-by-step tutorial.

Write a message for the family, like this one “family is where our story begins” using Acrylic Colour White 27.

Tri colour paper wall hanging

Tri colour paper wall hangingTri colour paper wall hangingChildren made tricolor paper wall hanging which were displayed in their respective classrooms.

Origami Wall Hanging Paper Flower Craft Ideas

If you’re searching for origami wall hanging paper flower craft ideas to do at home, you’re in right place!Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of origami wall hanging paper flower craft ideas like origami heart wall hanging craft idea, DIY origami paper Christmas decoration idea with flower, and origami rose flower wall hanging craft project with newspaper.Origami Wall Hanging Paper Craft IdeasRead More: Christmas Origami Ideas That Kids Can MakeDIY Origami Paper Flower Wall Hanging Craft IdeaSimple Origami Flower Wall mate Craft For Home DecorationOrigami Heart Wall Hanging Craft IdeaHandmade Origami Wall Hanging Flower Craft With PaperEasy Origami Wall Hanging Flower Craft For PreschoolersRead More: Mothers Day Origami Ideas That Kids Can MakeEasy Origami Paper Craft Decoration For Wall HangingWall Hanging Christmas Decoration Idea With FlowerDIY Tulip Paper Wall Hanging CraftBeautiful Origami Rose Flower Wall Hanging Craft ProjectOrigami Paper Flower Wall Hanging CraftRead More: How To Make An Origami Flowers With KidsOrigami Paper Flower Wall Hanging Decoration For RoomHandmade Origami Wall Hanging Craft With Color PaperWall Hanging Flowers Craft With Newspaper

DIY Wall Hanging/DIY Wall Decor/DIY Wall Hanging Ideas With Colour

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Easy DIY Paper Christmas Stars with Your Cricut

Make these sweet DIY paper Christmas stars using cardstock and your Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore, or Cricut Joy!I was over on Instagram the other day and saw a tutorial for the prettiest hand-cut paper Christmas stars from Fall For DIY.Supplies Needed for Paper Christmas StarsGet the Free Paper Stars SVGEnter your email address below to get this free file!Instructions for Paper Christmas StarsLet’s start by uploading the file to Cricut Design Space (learn more about uploading files if you need help).Hope you enjoyed these easy paper Christmas stars!

DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging Craft

I hope you have fun doing this DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging Craft with your children.DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging CraftSupplies:Piece of white poster board or cardboardMod PodgeFoam Paint BrushBag of cotton BallsConstruction paper 2 sheets of each color; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purpleRuler4 inch piece of stringGlue gunInstructions:Step 1.For each color, use the glue gun to connect the two color strips.Take each color paper strip and roll it up tight to make it curl.Turn the cloud over and using the glue gun, attach the string to the top center so that you can hang it on the wall.

Paper Diya

So, here I am with a Paper Diya craft that is easy to make, looks fabulous and this craft is in theme with Diwali.Now we are ready with orange paper diya base and yellow paper flame cutouts.Assembling the paper diya base and flameFor each diya, we’ll need 4 orange paper bases and 4 yellow paper flame cutouts.Now, take 1 orange paper base and apply glue on its outer side and stick another orange paper base.

Paper Diya
Take 1 yellow flame cutout and stick another yellow flame cutout on top of it, do this to stick 4 flame cutouts on top of the other.

DIY Paper Chain Rainbow Wall Hanging

You may have seen our oversized paper chain backdrop here on the blog or on our Instagram a couple of weeks ago, and if you did, you know that we loooove making paper chain decor!What kid didn’t love making a paper chain to countdown to Christmas or to decorate for the holidays?So, we decided to try another twist on paper chain decor with this DIY Paper Chain Rainbow Wall Hanging!Supplies needed to make your own Rainbow Wall HangingRainbow template (Find it below)Cardstock in tan, mustard, light pink, and coralPaper slicer or scissorsHot glue gun + sticksDowelString for hangingHow to make your own Rainbow Wall HangingStep 1: Begin by mapping out your design.

DIY Paper Chain Rainbow Wall Hanging
Step 4: Once all of your rows are made, slide the tops of the paper chains onto a dowel.

The Prettiest DIY Feather Wall Decor!

PinterestFacebookTwitterEmailDIY Paper Feather Wall HangingIntroducing my new DIY feather wall decor!That is exactly what I did to give our dining room a fall makeover with this paper feather wall hanging.Supplies for DIY Feather Wall DecorWhile I chose to make my feathers out of three colors perfect for fall (Cosmic Orange™, Galaxy Gold™, and Celestial Blue®), you could use any variety of colors to create a feather wall hanging that would look great on your wall year-round.

The Prettiest DIY Feather Wall Decor!
Warning: fringe scissors can be borderline addictive.Once you use fringe scissors for the first time, you’ll want to fringe everything around you!

frankie exclusive diy: festive floral wall hanging • craft

Wrap a yellow piece of crepe around a 14cm piece of wire, twisting it as you go.Use the same wrapping technique as for the other flowers, but wrap around the twisted yellow wire, gathering slightly as you go.As you attach flowers you'll notice that there's a 'pretty' side with all the flowers, and a 'not-so-pretty' side with the wire wrapping visible.As this will be facing the wall when you hang it, you don't need to worry about this so much.

frankie exclusive diy: festive floral wall hanging • craft
But if you're hanging the garland across a room, make sure you attach flowers in the other direction too.

Unique Wall Hanging Craft Using Plastic Spoon

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DIY Modern Woven Paper Art

PinterestFacebookTwitterEmailEasy Paper Weaving CraftWho remembers paper weaving as a kid, where you would take strips of colored paper and weave them in and out to form a simple placemat or other design?Today I’m excited to be partnering with ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers to give that classic summer camp craft a modern, grown-up spin with this DIY woven paper art.

DIY Modern Woven Paper Art
Supplies for Paper Weaving ActivityHow to Make Paper Weaving Wall ArtStep 1.Size paper to your frameChoose one sheet of paper to use as the base of your paper weaving.Step 3: Cut paper stripsNext, create several strips of paper to use for the weaving.

Fun Crafts to Make Out of Paper

Accordion Fold Paper Wreath Make a new wreath for your front door by making paper medallions an layering them together.Folded Paper Bracelets These can be customized in so many ways (solid colored paper, watercolored paper, textured paper, patterned paper, etc.)

Fun Crafts to Make Out of Paper
Layered Paper Cut Toucan Art Use the SVG files or printable template to make a gorgeous piece of art by layering cut paper.Abstract 3D Paper Wall Art Fold paper into geometric shapes and make a funky, cool piece of wall art.

Paper Leaf Wreath The leaves can be made out of patterned paper, wrapping paper, solid colored cardstock or textured paper and each type of paper will give the finished wreath a totally different vibe.


On seeing the boring walls, I get tempted to decorate it in many ways like a wall art, etc., but this time wall decoration using paper craft.What I used in these projects are:TOP 5 WALL HANGINGS IDEAS FROM PAPERThe following are the 5 ideas I am talking about.

These are easy to make, colourful wall hangings using paper crafts.

Or else you can use a paper puncher to make holes in each tag/flag and connect using thread.Mark the point along the circle and the lines, where the thread used to hang on the wall will be stitched.

Paper Wall Hanging Ideas

Another added advantage is the easy availability of paper wall hanging crafts and DIY paper wall hanging decoration ideas.Wall Hanging Decoration Ideas(Source: Pinterest) Wall Hanging Decoration IdeasAnother simple yet premium-looking design, this Moon wall hanging decor is made of wood and stones.Wall Hanging with Colour Paper(Source: Pinterest) Wall Hanging with Colour PaperWall hanging made with colour paper is one of the easiest and simplest ways of making beautiful wall hangings with paper.

Paper Wall Hanging Ideas
(Source: Pinterest) How to make a wall hanging at homeIf you have some craft paper, wall hanging decorations can be made simply.This curated collection of paper wall hanging ideas can be referred to by anyone while making a new hanging craft for your house.

DIY: Paper Wall Hanging !! DIY Wall Hanging Ideas With Colour

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