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16+ Stylish Bathroom Magazine Holder Ideas

That brings the question of how best you can have magazines in your bathroom, and what are some unique, nice bathroom magazine holder ideas you can get inspiration from.Over-the-Tank Magazine HolderAs the name suggests, this magazine holder simply seats over your toilet tank.

16+ Stylish Bathroom Magazine Holder Ideas
Freestanding Bathroom Magazine HolderOne great thing about this bathroom magazine holder idea is that it can work for you irrespective of if your bathroom is large and spacious or a small one.

Slot Bathroom Magazine HolderSlots as your magazine holders are very advisable if you want to go for functionality over aesthetics.Your floors, walls, and basins are all readily available spaces for you to put your bathroom magazine holder ideas to play and you should maximize that.

DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Build a DIY toilet paper holder that holds two rolls of toilet paper, plus storage above.Our metal toilet paper holder was driving me nuts because it kept falling off, dropping the toilet paper on the floor.I decided to whip up this quick wood toilet paper holder that holds two rolls side by side.Your next step is to cut a dowel slightly longer than the width of your total toilet paper holder.

DIY Toilet Paper Holder
Regardless, I wanted an easy place to store it in our bathroom so I built the toilet paper holder with the additional storage spot.


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