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Today we’re going to share the best places to buy beautiful frames that can be used to curate the perfect gallery wall in your home! You can use this look in your home using a collage of picture frames that can make your walls look like a European art gallery, too. This traditional way of displaying artwork can be personalized to make a statement in your home. Sometimes gallery wall art tends to make a room look cluttered or take away from the style of furniture or other decorations. You can purchase gallery wall frames as a set or individually. You can order black gallery wall frames, or gold, white or wood ones.

For example, if you have wall space between two windows, measure the area to determine how big and how many frames to buy. Whether you want an entire wall or just a small section, there are many choices for arrangements to perfectly fit your needs.

Gallery wall art arrangement is where it gets tricky because there are so many options.

The most popular arrangements are grid, asymmetrical, triple frame, and layered. Grid-style gallery wall art gives a sense of order and elegance. There is no pattern or style that is required for the gallery wall art, so decorators can mix and match whatever they choose.

Gallery wall frames via @faringsohuset
Gallery wall frames via @faringsohuset

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