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The latest fire pit trends involve incorporating multi-dimensional patio design to create the ultimate backyard haven. Below are 10 dimensional fire pit patio designs that would instantly become everyone’s favorite gathering spot in your backyard.

According to a recent national survey of landscape architects, built-in seating is one of the top trends in outdoor living.

The design also incorporates permeable pavers on both the patio flooring and the seat ledges, ensuring that rainwater instantly infiltrates into the hardscapes. The surrounding landscape wall functions as a way to define the outdoor room, but also provides a ledge for additional seating. By terracing off a sloped yard with retaining walls, this homeowner was able to emulate the effect of a sunken living room off of the pool deck, creating an intimate fireside gathering spot.

This terraced fire pit patio offers built-in enclosed seating on three sides, but leaves the fourth wall completely open for foot traffic. Products: Weston Stone® (fire pit and seat wall) and Mega-Lafitt® (patio pavers and steps).

The low profile of the fire pit makes the seat wall the focal point of this patio design.

The decorative wall surrounding this fire pit uses Mediterranean design influences to help define the perimeter of the patio.

Sweeping arches define the separate “rooms” of this multi-dimensional outdoor living space, tying everything together into one cohesive and flowing design.

Patio Fire Pit Design Ideas with Shrubs
Patio Fire Pit Design Ideas with Shrubs

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