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Gray provides a great neutral foundation that creates plenty of options for color to add to your kitchen’s decor. If your kitchen is blessed with a lot of natural light, dark gray cabinets can work beautifully. A more traditional or farmhouse kitchen will look good with warm, light gray tones. It looks good with blue, black, green, or white as a contrast color with its cool undertone. You can even mix green or blue tints into dark gray to create a unique gray-green or a blue-gray finish; In a larger kitchen, a warmer tone of light gray will keep it feeling comfortable and inviting.

A countertop in a gray shade that’s slightly lighter than your cabinets creates a sleek, minimalist look. Cream, beige, and brown shades in your countertop paired with light gray cabinets will bring a warm ambiance to the kitchen. This beige countertop with flecks of brown is perfect for a traditional or farmhouse-style kitchen.

Give your kitchen a relaxed, contemporary feel by mixing light gray cabinets and white countertops. White subway tile is perfect for a transitional or farmhouse style kitchen. Dark gray Shaker cabinets and white countertops create a simple, clean look.

A dramatic dark backsplash can also work with darker cabinets to create a modern look with black appliances. If you gravitate to a modern minimalist look, dark gray cabinets with black countertops add a bold backdrop to make any contemporary kitchen.

While most homeowners choose a contrasting kitchen island, a full suite of dark gray Shaker cabinets creates an elegant effect. The gray cabinets with bright white countertop give the room a contemporary feel.

You’ll find a complete selection of premium gray Shaker and frameless cabinets, available RTA or fully assembled, to start your remodeling project right away.

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