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When we decorate stairway walls, we give our homes a creative touch that is unique and personal. In this design from HBH Joinery, they have created a simple bookcase along the largest wall of the staircase.

This serves to store extra items and to give the staircase a more custom style. For this staircase bookcase from Risinger Homes, the designers used the space between the stairway levels to create an integrated shelf. Use a stairway wall to create a gallery of your favorite artwork or pictures of your family vacations. You can use an eclectic mix of sizes or use the same shape and color wall art for a more unified look.

This design from James Michael Howard utilizes pictures of a similar size and subject. Using molding or millwork is a gorgeous way to add interest to a staircase wall while still keeping a low profile.

In this design from William D. Earls, the millwork paneling creates a grid-like pattern. After they have painted it to complement the trim in the home, it blends but still creates an elegant and formal style.

AD Design Develop used vertical wood slats to create the contemporary millwork for this stairway. In this contemporary home in Sydney, the designer used an electric blue color to create a bold accent wall.

Complement the color you choose with a similar repeated tone in other areas of the house. Jessica Helgerson used a metal gray paint to divide the stairway wall and create the look of molding.

It is optimal for stairways because it does not take up valuable floor space, and it offers color and depth. Design used this lighthearted wallpaper to blend the historic home style with the homeowner’s eclectic taste.

Use brick or stone veneer for industrial spaces or rough wood for rustic and farmhouse homes. This serves a dual purpose of creating an interesting display while negating the need for extra storage space.

If you collect baskets, bowls, or animal heads, a stairway wall can make an ideal spot for display. This collection of antique oars makes for a fitting stairway decoration for this beach-style staircase from Rebecca Driggs Interiors.

For this beautiful stairway, the designer chose to not add extra embellishment along the wall.

This stairway in a home in the Channel Islands uses mirrors placed at regular intervals along the wall to reflect the light from above.

These can be ideal for large found objects like window frames, doors, and shutters. Ryan Street Architects used a rustic door to decorate the stairway of this Austin farmhouse.

Both of these approaches allow your wall art to be noticed as a stairway is located in a much-used part of the home. They added wall sconces to light the way up the stairs as well as a striking ceiling fixture. They use wallpaper, paneling, lighting, and storage to provide this cozy reading nook on the stairway landing. If you have a tight budget, use a less expensive design option like paint to brighten up your stairway. Also, look for found objects at vintage stores like architectural features to add interest to stairway walls. Also, look for found objects at vintage stores like architectural features to add interest to stairway walls.

This kind of decoration works well if you have a natural focal point for your stairway like a landing. The most impactful stairway decor is bright colored wall art or fun family pictures.

If you need your wall decor to stand the test of time, allow a carpenter to create custom paneling.

Whatever your budget and style, you can find ways to give your stairway a custom look that makes it one of a kind.

Painted staircase wall
Painted staircase wall
Oversized Wall Art 2
Oversized Wall Art 2


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