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Since it’s rarely exposed to guests, it’s easy to disregard the importance of designing a space that’s not only cozy, but also suits your personality. If you’re thinking about remodeling other rooms throughout your home, check out some additional resources we have created like our kitchen color schemes.

While bohemian styles are typically full of vibrant colors, this room designed by Decorist features deeper tones while staying true to an unconventional look. If you stick with a simple color scheme, you’ll have the flexibility to change your theme without dipping into your budget. This hint of yellow adds a sweet spring feel in the bedroom, which can be changed based on season, holiday or mood. When you have a dominating statement piece, it’s important to incorporate subtle colors to tone down the effect it makes.

White, pale peach, cream and wood accents pull the room together in a truly unique and contemporary way. In order to successfully pull together an elegant and regal master bedroom, it’s important to introduce muted tones so you don’t overwhelm the space.

It’s important to introduce a statement piece like this leather brown trunk to command the space without looking too overwhelming. To take your bedroom to the next level, add a textured accent wall like this natural wood design. The white shelves, curtains and light fixture in this bedroom offset the darker colors, while still staying true to the earthy aura. If you use mostly solid colors around the room, don’t be afraid to introduce pattern in the bedding, rug or pillows.

Give life to the room by choosing your favorite wallpaper for an accent wall, like this green intertwining trellis pattern. By incorporating such subtle colors, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce an accented light fixture such as this coco bead camel chandelier. Swap out blooming flowers on your bedside table to introduce a seasonal color to the space, and more importantly, to deliver an intriguing fresh scent.

For a modern twist, incorporate hints of color that offset the pink such as the light teal sheen chair does in this room. Matching white walls and furniture will give you the flexibility to choose bedding and decor that fits your personality without looking too loud. This multicolor comforter with matching pillows have tones of mint green, navy, orange and white—colors that are known to work well together.

If you’re looking to replicate a room like this, make shades of white and tan your base color and add touches of black in the decor. The accent walls, curtains and bedding help illuminate the room while the wood floor, black side tables and tan and turquoise pillows keep it all in balance. If you decide to incorporate yellow into your bedroom, make sure to introduce contrasting colors to the space so the eye isn’t overwhelmed. This green and orange color scheme is accomplished through picking bright bedding, lighting and decor, which makes it easy to upgrade without painting the walls. Although the accent wall and bedding contrast in their material and pattern, they seamlessly complement each other due to the gray, seafoam green and white color scheme. If you’re interested in using patterned wallpaper on an accent wall in your bedroom, stick with solid colors throughout the rest of the decor to avoid it becoming too busy.

These sofa seats play off of the hints of blue in the framed picture—a perfect way to balance out the room’s color scheme.

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