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This will enable you to find your own balance and create an exciting bedroom design that suits your personality perfectly. The other great thing about bohemian interior design is that you can choose pretty much any colour palette, and your bedroom will still look stylish. A huge trend within modern bohemian interior design is painting an archway above any part of the room that you want to highlight. It’s a great way to anchor furniture in your room, and the choice of neutral colours and natural shapes create the feel of a modern boho bedroom for the price of a can of paint.

Stick to light earthy tones and natural textures like this woven rug and pampas grass for a boho chic bedroom that’s truly relaxing. The boho aesthetic comes from the light wood frames, earthy tones and calming pastel colours, evoking memories of long warm days at the beach.

You can also add in natural materials like wood and grass to turn this bedroom from beach to boho chic. When people think of bohemian interior design the first image that comes to mind is natural colours and tapestries hung on the wall.

If you’re a lover of colour and are drawn to the maximalist style of interior design then why not take boho back to its roots and also add in some privacy?

The modern boho bedroom takes inspiration from the original movement with the shapes and materials used, but not necessarily the patterns or colours, and the overall feel is a lot more beachy.

Complement this with light wood furniture and materials like rattan or woven accessories like this floor mat or the bench at the bottom of the bed. Finally, add some minimalist artwork and potted plants for the ultimate boho chic bedroom design.

One of the best things about the modern take on boho interior design is that the overall style is really paired back, allowing you the space to bring more of your own personality into the room or to incorporate other trends. Add a printed throw to your bed to complete the look and you will be left with the perfect modern boho bedroom with just a small touch of the dark academia trend. If you’re looking for more subtle ways to create your perfect boho dorm room, consider just taking a few elements from the bohemian interior design style and incorporating those into your space.

If you want to create a modern take on bohemian interior design then choose a few neutral colours and objects inspired by nature to give a subtle hint of boho without it being obvious. The natural theme of the wallpaper creates a calming space that feels bohemian but the furniture could easily be switched out to change the mood of the room. This is a great way to create a boho chic bedroom without giving up any precious counter space or worrying about keeping the plants alive.

Artificial flower walls are something that has been seen time and again on social media recently, and it’s a really easy way to create a boho chic bedroom on a budget. Buy some good quality fake flowers at your local craft store and stick these to the wall using a little tape, or a sticky back hook. Given that a lot of mid-century modern style features sharp lines and monochrome accents you would be forgiven for thinking it’s a no-go.

Mix black and white accents with wooden furniture, droopy plants and earthy tones to create this unique take on modern bohemian bedroom decor. A lot of people find plain white bedrooms incredibly calming – if that’s you there is still a way that you can incorporate elements of bohemian interior design. The modern boho style is all about natural textures and neutral tones, which feed in perfectly to an all-white bedroom.

Keep your bed linen and walls plain white, then use the colour of the feathers as your accent and try to match this in a throw or cushions, add in a bedside lamp to make the room feel purposefully minimal, rather than simply empty. For a bedroom that feels like a hotel, go minimalist with one or two big prints above the bed and choose light wood or rattan furniture.

If you have a small apartment it can be a bit of a struggle to find enough storage and if that’s the case you may feel like you have to compromise design for functionality, but that’s not true.

If you have a lot of light or neutral coloured clothes or accessories, why not make them part of your room design with shelves and an open rail? Pick boho chic colours and add natural materials like the cane frame of the mirror for a modern bohemian bedroom that also solves your storage issues. This will add more interest, fit in with the bohemian theme and make the room feel bigger on a budget!

Bohemian interior design tends to focus on the walls, use of colour and natural materials, but why not incorporate the floor too? Find either a bright or neutral patterned rug (depending on which part of the style you’re going for) to add some instant personality to your space – keep the rest of the room neutral and bring the colours of the rug in with accents in the pillows or decorations to create a paired back bohemian chic bedroom.

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