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Since it’s the room you spend time getting ready in the morning and preparing for bed, it’s important to create a space the boosts your energy and offers you a quiet respite from your busy schedule. From peaceful blues and tranquil greens, to rustic reds, we’ve gathered an array of colors that work well with each other—making your project planning easier than ever. To bring your bathroom design to the next level, adorn the shower with a framed art prints or display a relaxing personalized candle near the bath. You can begin your day in a serene bathroom by choosing a soft sky blue color for your walls and backsplash tile.

Don’t forget to also consider upgrading the material of your faucet, shower heads and light fixtures—the touches of stainless steel help carry out the clean look. This cerulean blue is a refreshing color that can be balanced out with neutral features, such as the white and gray shades in the cabinetry, rug and sink.

White and silver accessories bode well with this rich color scheme, so the natural browns can take center stage. To create a clean and refreshing yet luxurious feel, design your bathroom using a pale pistachio paint with delicate white complements. Even if you don’t have large windows scaling your bathroom wall, you can introduce your fondness for nature in other ways.

Stone or wood will emit the natural look, while mint green and white colors will ensure a refreshing feel. Clean lines will help reiterate the modern theme you’re going for—these square sinks work well in a rectangular shaped room and panel windows. For fully luxurious touch and to complete the look, install a freestanding tub, separate shower and vanity table.

You can paint your favorite design or use wallpaper to mimic this look, but to balance it out, make sure to contrast the upper portion with solid-colored wainscotting below the chair rail. To pare down the color even more, introduce neutral browns, grays and whites in the cabinetry, backsplash or floor. Introducing soft tones in the decor and neutral plush accents like this rug and extended seat cushion, will help turn an average bathroom into something truly special. Combining wooden flooring and cabinetry, along with artwork with natural scenes, this bathroom radiates a rustic vibe. Use a bright color on your bathroom walls to open up the space and introduce black and white accents to accessorize. Using yellow tiled walls contrasted with white basins and a gray countertop will help you accomplish a stunning bathroom through color and texture.

Interior designer Jenni Leasia used a soft yellow wall paint and pastel accents to create a mini getaway right inside a family’s home. Generate a calming bathroom ambience by using a deep blend of cocoa, latte and black colors with clean white accents in the bathtub, sinks and toilet.

By building a simple contrast of black and white tones, light olive-colored walls bring a playfulness to the bathroom. White baseboards and crown molding keep the color theme sharp, and a large jacuzzi tub adds a spa-like touch.

By mixing in black accent tiles and colorful pieces like the wall mirror, your bathroom can breathe with extra zest and personality.

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