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The trick is finding decor that won’t take up any extra room. Some decor pieces that work really well in a dorm room are throw blankets, string lights, and wall posters.

Before we get into specifics, we wanted to show you a few examples of super cute Halloween dorm room decor.

This will give you inspiration for how you want to decorate your own dorm room for spooky season!

You can get this same look with some dried plants in vases, fall leaf garland, a neutral throw blanket, and some string lights. One super easy way to decorate your dorm room for Halloween is to use little bat decals on the wall.

You can make it look like they’re flying through the window, up the corner of your room, or just scatter them around your wall! Grab some orange and black decor pieces that don’t have a specific Halloween pattern to them. Wall decor is perfect for dorm rooms because it takes up almost no space.

Hang some garland, put up a spooky letter board sign, and throw a Halloween trinket or two on your shelves. Here are some super cute and spooky dorm Halloween decorations that you’ll definitely want to get for your room: Neon lights are one of the coolest ways to decorate a dorm room.

You can get them in pretty much any shape and style, but this waving skeleton one is SO perfect for Halloween! These aesthetic Halloween posters would make a great addition to any dorm room wall. Stick them to your walls with command strips so you don’t cause any damage.

These would look so adorable strung around your windows, on your walls, or under a lofted dorm bed. Tapestries are one of the best decorations for dorm rooms – they’re lightweight, super affordable, and you can hang them without causing any damage to your walls. This dancing skeleton tapestry would be the perfect dorm room decoration for Halloween.

Once you’ve run out of space on your walls, it’s time to start decorating your windows! These decals were made specifically to go on windows, so they won’t leave any residue or damage the glass. Collage kits are another wall decor item that works really well in dorm rooms. They’re generally pretty affordable and can be hung easily without damaging the wall. Hang it up with double sided tape or sticky putty so you can easily remove it when the holiday is over. String lights are a staple decor piece for dorm rooms, but the plain white ones aren’t exactly spooky.

Switch them out with these purple and orange lights and you’ll be ready for the spooky season! Mini felt pumpkins are a cute way to give your room a makeover for the Fall season. Skeletons are super trendy for Halloween decor this year. These wall prints would look really cute and aesthetic in a minimalist dorm room.

This cute little pumpkin light would be a great addition to your dorm room desk or dresser. As soon as I saw this cute pumpkin pillow I had to add it to my shopping cart!

It’s great for Halloween, but honestly, it’s cute enough that you could leave it out for the whole Fall semester!

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dorm Halloween decorations
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orange and black Halloween dorm decor
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dorm Halloween wall decorations

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