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Choosing the best color shutters to match your home décor and personal taste is an exciting decision. With so many options, it is wise to review professional designer recommendations while keeping your own preferences in mind.

Make an intuitive decision that enhances the color of your house to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Whether you prefer a striking look or a harmonious balance of colors, homeowners installing shutters on your home shows your personality.

When choosing the best color for your shutters, designers recommend picking shades to match your home’s siding, doors and trim. For example, if your house paint is a muted brown, you can select a dark red for your shutters.

To make a statement, complementary shades deliver a bright boost of energy. Painting shutter color ideas are a more intuitive way to make this important choice for your home.

The best color shutters for a brick house also come in natural tones like dark green, copper or beige. When your home is tan, look for shutter colors that match the natural tones of the house. White shutters are also a beautiful way to add brightness and highlight the simplicity of your home. Bring out the creamy tones of your house with white shutters that create a sense of openness while making your home seem larger.

Brown shutters look great on a cream house because they add a bit of depth and contrast. If you’re looking for a bolder accent color for your cream house, greens and blues are great choices. When your home is already colorful, white shutters add an airy touch that goes best with lighter-colored houses.

Another easy way to match your lively home is by choosing shutter colors that are a few shades darker or lighter than the main hue of your house.

For a sense of harmony, paint your shutters and doors the same color or similar tones. According to the National Association of Realtors, you can expect a more than 70% return on investment from exterior projects such as shutter and siding upgrades.

Two-story, colonial-style home with white siding and black shutters
Two-story, colonial-style home with white siding and black shutters

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