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In fact, like many DIYers have discovered, a lot of seemingly “useless” pieces that you already own can become useful additions to all areas of your home. Today, we bring you new ways to use old shutters – and best of all, these techniques are easy enough even for the do-it-yourself novice! HOMEROAD.ORG/ PERMISSION PURELY SHUTTERS Use the chalkboard to jot a grocery list and the corkboard for important appointment slips. To hang in the kitchen for important notes, grocery lists, and to-dos: Take off the back piece of the shutter, and remove the slats where you prefer to place your chalkboard and corkboard.

Keep the remaining slats below closed, so that they can also be used to house your important appointment cards and sweet “I love you” notes, which slide in perfectly. You can add trim molding to the area with extra slats to hold a piece of chalk.

cr photographs/ permission purely shutters Making your own photo collage backdrop is a unique way to infuse personality into your decor. A Kreg Jig and pocket hole screws make this process simple, and ensures sturdiness.

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