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Inspired by the black little dress, we decided to give you lots of inspiration with these black and gold living room ideas. Just like in fashion trends, black color is always modern, up-to-date, and elegant.

This color combination can turn your living room into an expensive celebrity penthouse. And the line between stylish design and bad taste is extremely thin. There is hardly a person who does not fall in love with a living room like this. A black leather or velvet sofa is a great choice for this style.

The variation with high golden legs gives an additional sense of airiness and space. White walls in no way create a sense of sterility but perfectly harmonize with every element in the room.

The coffee table, along with the decorative elements in gold, is a great accent in the living room.

For more home decor ideas and inspirations, do not forget to visit our dedicated Pinterest board. Best Decor Ideas for Black and Gold Living Room The black color perfectly can be combined with the gold palettes, as the two mutually reinforce each other.

But if you still want the central role to be for the gold, choose matte black. In addition to a sense of wealth, gold also brings sun, warmth, and light, and therefore, if your living room is situated on the northern side, do not hesitate to add a sparkling golden element such as an impressive floor lamp, chandelier, or big golden-framed mirror. Modern Black and Gold Living Room Black and Gold Living Room with Fuschia Accent

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black and gold living room 16

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