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Here are 5 ways and lots of strategies and ideas for shopping budget friendly home decor! Let’s talk about decorating our homes with beautiful things that can be a real bargain!

Because of all the home decor flooding the market we can find amazing home decor that is good quality and will last a long time. Here are 5 savvy ways to find beautiful budget-friendly decor.

Cheap decor may cost less but in the long run, but it often does not hold up or stand the test of time. The budget-friendly sweet spot is finding reasonably priced decor for your budget, that is made of good quality products and is something that you can use in various places in your home over time.

I’ve made the mistake of paying big $$$$ for something and then having to live with it for years after I was tired of it and it had gone out of style! Being budget-friendly is being smart enough to know the dollars to years of use equation for home decor! Now that we have a good idea about what budget-friendly decor is let’s learn where to find it!

Before you go hunting for that item you want for your home at a budget-friendly price, you need to know your decorating style and color palette.

You MUST know your decorating style and color palette so you can filter everything you bring into your home through those two most-important thing. Do your homework and know your decorating style and your home’s color palette.

Anything I consider getting for our home needs to be filtered through my decorating style and my color palette. If you are a bit of a magpie then pretty things, no matter what they are, are tempting.

I defuse my love of stuff trigger by walking away from what temps me. Only once in a blue moon, which occurs about every two or three years, do I even think about buying something I have not thought out and made a plan! The Curlacue chest in our living room was somewhat of an impulse buy. I saw it at a local furniture store and would have bought it on the spot but it was too expensive!

And I found it at Joss And Main for 30% off the price in the local furniture store. The the only exception to this rule is if once or twice in your whole life you see somethings you just can’t live without and know when you buy it you can still pay your mortgage, your husband will still talk to you and feed your family.

Vintage and second-hand shops are a treasure trove of inexpensive and beautiful decor.

These shops are amazing places to hunt for bargain-friendly home decor if you don’t mind a little bit of work to bring them up to their potential!

You can find many one-of-a-kind items that will add lots of personality to your home. Always look for good quality and gently worn items.

Not only are the treasures found in these shops budget-friendly, they are often cheap (in the best sense). Think about spray painting a ginger jar lamp or upholstering a stool.

We can paint something a different color but we can’t change its shape.

With a little bit of work, and even ugly duckling items can become swans that will look lovely in your home!

These are wonderful places to buy or sell new or used items and services. Make sure you read how each different platform works and follow all the rules.

If you are buying something locally and need to pick it up find out the best and safest way to do that. You can find lots of information online about these communities like Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List and their best practices. Keep your eye on all the things you love and are looking for at your favorite brick and mortar or online stores and watch for sales!

And if I can buy online and pick my budget-friendly decor up at the store and not incur the shipping I am a very happy girl!

August/September- Back To School, Labor Day, and Fall sales If I’m looking for an item like a pretty duvet and it is not on sale I often call the brick and mortar store and ask when the next storewide and bedding sale will be coming up.

Also, know the return policy of a store you purchase home decor from. Shopping discount stores for budget-friendly decor is another favorite of mine. Discount stores often carry amazing dishes and accent decor and rugs and chairs and bedding and more! I’ve gotten a house full of decor over the years from stores like HomeGoods, Wayfair, and TJ Maxx!

Being left to walk up and down the aisles perusing and looking is a huge trigger! It’s important to know your triggers and practical ways to make budget-friendly choices.

If you want something custom made and have a talent, like being about to sew or wallpaper barter for what you want. Budget-friendly decor adds beauty to your home and $$ to your wallet.

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