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The tips below cover some of the ways that mirrors are displayed that are considered bad feng shui and that could create more problems for your home and life. There was once a bakery that had mirrors lining the back walls of the store that went out of business.

Passersby on the street in front of the bakery could see the cars and people passing in the walls at the back of the store. Finally, the mirrors were removed at the back wall, and the new bakery that moved in has been there for over five years. Be sure to check your mirrors from a variety of locations to ensure they don’t reflect the door, bathroom, or kitchen. It can also double the number of people in the room, and in feng shui thought, that could mean relationship restlessness, and that could lead to infidelity.

Fire is the element of joy and helps us to stay warm and cook our food. That’s why it’s best to avoid placing mirrors to reflect the stove (a common feng shui recommendation that can cause problems), the kitchen, or a fireplace. Placed at the end of a hallway, mirrors often become distorted from a distance and add a creepy feeling. However, these mirrors emit strong energy and should not be displayed without the guidance of a qualified feng shui professional, and even then, only in very specific instances. Displaying these mirrors can often create bad luck for those who put them up, so it’s best to avoid them.

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