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You’ve just hit the jackpot with this HUGE list of fun Bridal Shower Ideas! With the excitement of the upcoming elegant wedding and the hustle and bustle of all of the planning, it’s a joyful time the bride will never forget!

Bridal showers with friends and family are the perfect time to gather, relax, laugh, and dream!

That’s why I’ve compiled this HUGE list of the Best Bridal Shower Ideas on a Budget! From dazzling decor to delicious dishes, and silly games to memorable themes, it will be so simple to plan the best bridal shower ever! Start planning that perfect party today with these easy and unique bridal shower ideas on a budget…

Christina writes: “I threw my sister’s bridal shower, and we held it in our church’s fellowship hall for free.” Kathy writes: “Don’t forget to look around your own house when planning the venue.

Leah writes: “I would start with the bride’s colors and themes and then put together a complete plan from there. I would search out white linens (if you don’t have them, ask mom, grandma, etc… or rent from a party goods store) and use colored paper plates and napkins that relate back to her color scheme.” I’m also having the guest write Date Night Ideas on Popsicle sticks to be placed in an antique mason jar for the couple.” Susan writes: “My daughter’s theme was ‘Classy Country’ as she called it – instead of purchasing glasses we borrowed 3 dozen pint mason jars from a friend and I had 2 dozen and we used those for glasses – serving Lemonade and Iced Tea.”

Ladies will often bring more than one recipe if requested just in case you have a hard time narrowing it down – it never hurts to ask! In addition, asking grandmothers, mothers and aunts is a great way to assemble an ecclectic but beautiful group of serving dishes for the things you choose to furnish. The more you can tie the bride and grooms parents and extended family in the better for the entire event!”

Tabitha writes: “Use vintage brooches and attach pieces of paper with guests names to the pins.

Gave each team a share of the money we would have spent at the shower if traditional, and told them they had 30 minutes to purchase gifts that “could be worn” on a honeymoon. Laura writes: “For my bridal shower my mother-in-law asked a bunch of women attending to bring their wedding dresses.

It was fun to hear each of the stories behind them (I asked) and each woman was excited to share a little piece of her special day with me. Tabitha writes: “Here are some great tips for saving money: If you have a sewing machine buy two rolls of streamers in different colors. Take balloons and hang them using ribbon, thread or yarn upside down from the ceiling or fans.

Christina writes: “Decorations, table cloth, plates, cups, cutlery(etc) and game prizes we bought from Dollar Tree. Brittany writes: “A lot of bridal showers are thrown in church halls. Before you buy tablecloths, see if they have any extra plastic ones or fabric ones that you can use for free if you agree to launder them.

A lot of people who buy supplies for parties they throw at these halls have extra and leave them for the church to use however they like. My church also has solid color fabric tablecloths that we will loan if the family agrees to wash and fold them before returning them.

Amanda writes: “For a bridal shower we did, we used pictures of them throught their life as centerpieces.

And on the food line, and gift table I took some of my beautiful frames with my wedding pics in and borrowed them for the day, went and look up love quotes and printed them on card stock with the shower color.

Vanessa writes: “When I was the maid of honor for my sister, I threw her a Bridal Shower. I used white linens (already had) and used mismatched china from my antique / yard sale finds.

DIY Flower Poms: Not only are these absolutely gorgeous, they’re so EASY and thrifty to make, too! Michelle writes: “Right after Valentine’s Day, buy romantic themed items (think hearts)….

I purchase the flowers at Sam’s Club for cheap and buy a pretty vase at Hobby Lobby. This way you can choose a pretty vase and flowers that fit your color scheme and your friend will love it.

Another place to look for vases or small gifts for the games would be Ross or TJ Maxx.” Ashli writes: “Tulle is cheap and your best friend, use it with white twinkle lights and some scattered rose petals.

A bag of rose petals is very inexpensive and gives you the same effect as a large bouquet.” Caren writes: “I hosted a bridal shower for my niece, and I think some of finishing touches made it extra special. I went to Walmart and purchased a seasonal candle in a jar (her shower was in the fall) for $1.00, wrapped it in clearphane and tied it with a coordinating bow.

Think outside of the box, putting them in champagne glasses, silver plated water pitchers, sugar bowls, or whatever looks pretty. Kaylea writes: “Something we did at my cousin’s bridal shower is we took all the bows from the presents and made them into a bouquet to use at the rehearsal! Rachel writes: “For a ‘Rehearsal Bow Boquet’, use a paper plate as a base.

Roll the plate into a wide cone leaving some space in the center for ribbons. Whenver I throw a shower I’ll get high quality images from the bride.

Construction paper, glue, string, glitter and patience is all you need to make your own adorable banners. Or for snail mail invites, browse Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, Pinterest, etc.

Tiny Prints is constantly running 30-40% off promos and if you’re lucky you can grab that and send out their pretty invites! Buy them the day of because you get what you pay for… their flowers tend to die quickly and you want them looking their best.

Like my mother in law always taught me, “You can’t mess up fresh flowers.” If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby, Costco and Sam’s Club offers beautiful and high quality flowers for cheaper than Safeway/Kroger/Albertsons etc. Also, baby’s breath is an inexpensive option that add a romantic and whimsical touch to arrangements.

Susan writes: “One thing we did at my daughter’s shower was in the invite ask each person to bring a pantry item with them.

Jody writes: “For my Daughter-in-Law’s Shower I expanded on the Make a Wedding Dress game with a foot of cheap tulle, white kitchen garbage bags, a roll of ribbon, the usual roll of toilet paper, along with tape and scissors at each table.”

Sarah writes: “At every bridal shower I’ve thrown I put together a Wedding Day Emergency Kit. It includes everything from Advil, deodorant, hair spray and a sewing kit, to batteries, duct tape and rope.

Walk around the room once and then exit and have all the shower guests write down as many things off the tray they can remember. Danielle writes: “For gift bags, we did colorful nail files and scented hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works.

I usually use theme baskets, (ice cream, car wash, scrapbooking, gardening, etc.)

Collette writes: “If you choose to do favors…make an edible one, like chocolate dipped sugar cookies.”

Wrapped Candy Bars: Another easy bridal shower game prize idea is to wrap candy bars with wedding themed paper and tie a bow with a pretty ribbon. Shelby writes: “Go to Costco or Sam’s Club and get a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips and a huge box of fresh strawberries.

Ashli writes: “A few ideas for simple foods… If your budget doesn’t allow for champagne or if you don’t drink, then get sparkling cider and add a raspberry in the bottom of each glass. Cutting sandwiches into small tea-sized wedges is budget friendly and simple.

Finally, instead of a bakery cake, cut brownies into small bites and place them in little candy papers for presentation. I was able to get sterling silver serving ware and various cut galss and crytal dishes. Leah writes: “Brunch is always nice to serve and economical – think egg casserole, fruit salad and croissants – things you can make ahead, and that you can purchase the ingredients for little money.” In addition to this, ask everyone to bring one of the spices used in their recipe and have a basket for them to be placed in on the gift table.

Caren writes: ” I made chicken salad and put it in a beautiful serving bowl lined with lettuce, and then had a tray with different breads (croissants, rolls,etc.) Christina writes: “We didn’t have it catered we made baked penne, bought from a restaurant supply store italian beef and rolls, had salad, chips & dip, veggie tray, fruit tray and a cake.

Opt for punch, water, tea if you need to save a few (“cough* a lot of) dollars.

Kourtney writes: “For an earlier shower, you could serve brunch with juice, cinnamon rolls and fruit.

This is super simple, frost them and garnish them with fruit like strawberries or, with whatever fits the theme. Pickles, crackers, cheese and meat is also an easy option… OR get ice cream, cherries, chocolate syrup, heart shaped sprinkles, sliced fruit nuts, and any chocolate bars or candy and make sundaes.

For drinks: punch, tea (hot or cold), and iced coffee is so easy to make” Michelle writes: “Serving finger foods and appetizers is the easiest and least expensive.

Brittany writes: “I am a professional event planner and I can give you some inside tips.

Also, they usually put a free pound of salad in the middle, like potato or macaroni. They garnish it with romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes and olives, and this stuff will all cost you a fortune. The prices on the order sheet look hefty, but trust me, you’ll get more than your money worth!

Now, I’ve got even more Bridal Shower and Wedding inspiration that I know you’re gonna love.

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