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Bottles and products seem to pile up and grow exponentially, whether it’s under the sink, in the medicine cabinet, taking up precious counter space, or along the bathtub ledge. Even if you opt for a pedestal sink or explore medicine cabinet alternatives like open shelving or a wall niche, bathroom storage can take over a small room and quickly become cluttered and messy.

Suddenly you can’t find your cosmetics and toiletries, while moisture, dust, and soap spills add a layer of grime.

Some people use over-the-toilet metal shelving that can quickly rust, looking cheap and messy. Toothpaste, Band-Aids, and cosmetic products pile up on narrow, teeny tiny shelves. While there are beautiful medicine cabinets out there, there are also many unsightly options that detract from the rest of the bathroom.

If you’re designing the room and have the option to create a built-in niche—a recessed medicine cabinet design—it can offer a cleaner, more spacious look. Even if you keep the mirrored cabinet door, built-in shelving will be flush with the wall and more visually appealing.

Open shelving above or below the mirror, installed in the shower, or as part of the bathroom wall offers a sleeker medicine cabinet alternative.

Design: Kate Marker Interiors | Photography: Margaret Rajic | Builder: Warman Construction

So when possible, decant and rebottle your soaps, cotton swabs, Epsom salts, and other bathroom products in clear jars and more attractive containers. Store your toothbrush, toothpaste, and items that can't be repackaged in a cupboard, drawer, or pretty countertop storage containers.

Besides looking cluttered and crowded, bottles and containers in the tub or shower can lead to mildew and mold. If you're making do with a bathroom that lacks storage options, consider bringing in an interesting cabinet or étagère.

This can be a perfect opportunity to bring in a bit of character and charm to your space by utilizing vintage storage cabinets.

In a bathroom, dust and moisture form a pasty residue that sticks to products and can leave a film behind. A simple rinse of water or a non-toxic natural vinegar-based spray can keep lids free of gunk and buildup. Design + Image: Studio McGee | Builder: Lombardi Construction | Architect: Hart Howerton

Instead, consider folding the towels uniformly and storing them in an adjacent shelf or linen closet, a great way to utilize storage space outside of the bathroom. No matter how frequently we clean, bathrooms are home to the toilet and have plenty of moisture as well. Install hooks on the back of the door, near the shower, and any other spot where it will be convenient to hang clothing and items while you use facilities. Ideally, you should hang towels away from the toilet, but this can be tough if the bathroom or powder room is small.

Hooks on the back of the door also offer guests the great option to hang their toiletry bags or handbags when they enter the bathroom. If we're talking about bathroom storage and organization, there's no easy way to get around mentioning the toilet brush (and its counterpoint, the plunger).

Not only do these trays offer extra space to hold your soap, bath salts, and candles, but they are also quite stylish. Antique trays made of stone, glass, or other materials can also look really lovely in the bathroom and offer a spot to hold jewelry, soap, or other small items while you soak.

You aren't limited to the standard bathroom medicine cabinet when so many great storage alternatives are available.

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