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While simply traveling to an exotic destination can be enchanting in itself, planning a truly romantic getaway takes some extra effort. Check out these easy tips to plan a honeymoon that's filled with passion from beginning to end.

Also, include a bottle of wine or champagne and make a toast to your new life together as a married couple. For instance, Capische Restaurant at the Hotel Wailea Maui offers an exclusive private dining experience that many guests find irresistible. Through the restaurant's interactive Il Teatro service, diners get a personal chef to create for them a specialized menu of gourmet cuisine and wine tasting -- all served in a private dining room. Keep in mind that many couples have the tendency to overplan activities during their honeymoon, leaving them exhausted and not in the mood for romance.

Rose petals, lingerie, champagne, chocolate, and music are also ideal ways to keep the passion strong throughout your trip. As for ideas, consider writing a personal message or love note for your spouse and surprise them with it sometime during the day.

For many couples, simply relaxing together in a bath or Jacuzzi is often at the top of the list when it comes to romantic experiences.

Then, put some champagne on ice, light candles around the room, add rose petals, play soft music, and enjoy some favorite treats like chocolate or strawberries.


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