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Shoes track dirt through the home, toys and craft supplies spread everywhere, and water drips from wet bathing suits creating puddles that are waiting to be the cause of a slip and fall accident. Creating storage for their bikes and scooters out of PVC pipe is quick and simple.

This will keep the bikes out of the drive way and from possibly being in Dad’s “blind spot” when he backs out in the morning.

Keeping shoes out of the door way will create a more organized and clean home.

Children can be creative and create awesome art work for mom and dad to hang on the wall. PVC pipes, like this caddy above, can store your art supplies and help keep them organized.

You could even hang baskets from the top for smaller toy storage and a place to put your hats and sunscreen. Small tools seem to get mixed around the garage and put in places where they don’t belong.

To keep out of reach from children this summer create tool storage with PVC pipe.

Children will be in and out of the garage for toys and bikes, so keeping tools like drills and screw drivers out of reach is important. Creating a shelving from PVC pipe can help you organize and store the bins safely. It will create an organizational system so when the holidays do come rolling in quicker then expected you will be ready to find just the bin you need.

Gardening and yard work can become a great family activity over the summer months. Little ones don’t mind digging in the dirt and mom sure would love some new flowers before winter weather comes around. You can store the larger tools like rakes, shovels, and brooms in PVC pipes. They can store their sleeping bags, books, extra blankets and pillows in the tent.

There tends to be a lot of sleepovers during the summer months so having these items in handy, especially in a cool play house, will be beneficial. You could make a house or a reading tee-pee out of PVC pipes and the children will be entertained on rainy days!

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