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Murphy beds are a really great way to save some space in the bedroom. Even something as seemingly safe like a bed can cause damage when improperly treated. Here is everything you need to know about Murphy beds when it comes to safety standards.

But before we start, check out this list of affordable Murphy beds you can find online.

However, like most things, Murphy Beds do come with a little bit of user error. We have all seem those clips or people jokingly being trapped underneath or being folded up to the wall.

While Murphy beds first came into popularity back in the 1950’s they have recently starting making a comeback in a big way. Either because of the real estate market or green issues, people are looking to make the jump to smaller homes.

While Murphy beds are a great option, people are still worried about how safe they really are. There are several stores with Murphy beds and the quality varies a lot. The biggest danger that comes with a Murphy bed is the pinch points. There are also hinges connected with the hardware that installs the bed frame to the wall.

In order for the bed to lay flat against the wall, it must have a set of hinges. Locking the hinges keeps the bed from coming down from the wall randomly.

Fingers can quickly get pinched in the hinges which can cause some physical harm. While most adults know better when it comes to keeping their fingers safe, it isn’t always the case with children. Smaller fingers and toes can easily get trapped causing the skin to pinch and even break open. When it comes to protecting yourself, just be mindful of where your hands are when operating the Murphy bed.

Another concern people have when it comes to Murphy beds is the fear of it falling down on them. Since this style of a bed frame is meant to lift and fall, there is slight danger there.

Murphy beds have come a long way from where they used to be when the concept was first born.

By using special hinges along with hydraulics, the bed will slowly descend from the wall instead of a harsh fall. Since unfolding the bed is controlled and not a free-fall, chances of getting hurt are slim to none. However, it is always a good idea to still make sure that the area is clear before pulling the bed down.

While the chances of the bed falling down on you are are, it doesn’t hurt to take extra measures to ensure your safety. Related Article: 5 IKEA-Style Murphy Beds (+ DIY Model w. IKEA Parts)

Another feat people have with Murphy B´beds is the chance of them coming detaching from the wall. This can happen if there is a strain on the joints and hinges of the bed frame hardware.

While the beds are perfectly fine for one person, two people is a different story. Attaching the bed frame to a wall that has no real support can end in disaster.

Remember those silent movies where someone is looking for a place to hide and then folds themselves up into a wall bed? Unlike the movies, it is nearly impossible to get yourself trapped inside a Murphy Bed. If you find that your bed doesn’t quite reach the floor, your frame may be too high.

In order to help prevent this, make sure that you measure both the bed frame and the wall.

The most important thing to remember is to properly install the frame and follow the directions exactly.


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