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We have some DIY baby shower flower arrangements to share! You can save towards any size budget when you DIY your flower arrangements. DIY helps save money to use for other things you will need for the baby shower.

Remember, have fun while putting your baby DIY flower arrangements together.

Pick your favorite nursery rhyme and make a theme for the baby shower. The homemade metallic gold stars give it an elegant accent inducing the gender of the baby!

Collect different shapes and colors of bottles, jars, or old drinking glasses to showcase your favorite flowers for the centerpiece for your DIY baby shower. If the container has a broader opening add 2-3 stems of flower and greenery. Here is a tip: Tie two jars together and place them in the center of the table for a centerpiece.

There are endless ideas on how to decorate a baby shower on a budget with beautiful fresh flowers. Pick two-three color favorites of the mom-to-be and create your theme for the baby shower. Elevate the flower centerpieces using wood slices on top of cake stands to give it a rustic feel.

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