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All elements of oriental garden design are interconnected blending function and aesthetic appeal in harmony and balance. The garden design should be right for the location, harmoniously integrating natural features into beautiful yard landscaping ideas in Japanese style. Japanese garden designs is a gorgeous combination of thick green moss, miniature trees, rocks, sand and water features, Japanese stone lanterns, Tsukubai water fountains placed in harmony to add graceful elegance to yard landscaping. The peaceful atmosphere of an oriental garden which celebrates your personality and connects you to the nature is the most import thing to achieve.

Tea Garden designs are functional and informal, blending an aesthetic appeal of rustic style into beautiful and elegant spaces with gates and ponds. The stones placement creates balance and Feng Shui outdoor spaces with harmony and beauty.

Miniature Japanese garden design to Feng Shui homes and yard landscaping ideas A much wider stone placed across the path tells us to put two feet here, stopping to enjoy the view. There are numerous stones for specific places that give character to unique, meaningful and mysterious Japanese garden design.

Bridges crossing the water streams are beautiful landscaping ideas that complement philosophical Japanese garden designs.

Bridges are the symbolic pass from one world into another, a constant theme in Japanese art and garden design. Lanterns, stupas, and basins are just landscaping ideas to compliment an oriental garden design and add points of visual interest to small spaces.

Framing it with the stones, plants and flowers creates a very special centerpiece that improves existing Japanese garden design.

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