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And yet, on a personal level, some incredibly exciting things have happened the fact that we’ll be welcoming our first child soon, and we bought our first house this summer! I love a good before and after, and so my plan is to share a room-by-room transformation of our condo starting with today’s post on our master bedroom!

I thought our existing bedroom decor could live comfortably in our new home once the popcorn ceilings were scraped down and all of the beige was covered up in Snowbound by Sherwin Williams.

But with my due date approaching, my disdain for our bedroom growing, and a sudden need to surround myself with neutrals that I *think* was inspired by the initial purchase of this bedframe, I pretty much threw planning out the window and started scouring Amazon and Target like a crazy person.

Within two-ish days, an entirely new bedroom set was on its way to Maui from various parts of the country...and I’ve gotta say, I’m IN LOVE with how it turned out. When we found out we were expecting in February, and then the first wave of pandemic stay-at-home orders hit a month later, I literally could feel the walls closing in around us.

Our house actually came furnished, which ended up being a blessing because we were able to sell most of the pieces which gave us enough wiggle room to do some light, albeit badly-needed renovation work. The walls were also 50 shades of poorly-applied beige throughout, with the exception of a couple moments of glaring hospital white and one sad blue bathroom.

While we’d love to do some major reno work some day, like gutting both bathrooms and reworking our kitchen, it’s just not in the budget right now (#TheBabyIsComing).

So for the time being we have poured our effort (and money) into more affordable cosmetic and design updates that still have made a big least in my opinion! Over the next few posts, I’m excited to share how we’ve transformed our space on a budget through smart shopping and a truckload of DIY design/build projects. On that note, let’s dive back into the master bedroom transformation by first taking a look at the hallway that leads up to it!

As far as the artwork is concerned, $80 really isn’t bad for a set of two larger prints, but I couldn’t justify it since I knew that I could do something similar. Call me lazy, cheap or both but, instead of buying canvas or art paper, I just flipped over the placeholder poster that came with the frames and painted my own variation of tropical fronds in a similar loose and sketchy style.

I love the way they complement our floating bedside tables, which we selected in order to conserve floor space in our room now that a bassinet will be joining us in the near future.

Combine acrylic or interior-grade paint (I purchased a few sample sizes from Lowe’s that cost less than $4 each) with a little bit of baking powder, throw a few coats on any thrift store find, and you’ve got a super on-trend vase that’s just begging to be stuffed with pampas and ‘grammed. For the record, if you order this pampas grass, I recommend letting it sit outside in the sun for a few hours and then fluffing by hand + spraying with a little hairspray. It’s the black and white bohemian area rug of my dreams, and the best news is that since it’s actually more of a cream/natural/offwhite tone, I don’t worry about messing it up or getting it dirty.

After renting for 7 years, this is the first time Taylor and I have had the freedom to do whatever we want to our home, and I’ve found so much joy in selecting each and every detail. I hope you like our beige to blue to black and white bohemian paradise of a master bedroom makeover as much as I do, and that you’ll stay tuned for more design on a dime -type posts coming soon...or at least as soon as Baby K allows.

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