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In our last house, I am pretty sure I had at least one dark wall or wood feature in every room. When we moved into the builder grade home we currently own, I knew I wanted to customize several areas with board and batten.

After completing our front room and great room with geometric -patterned white board and batten and completing a little nook with a black slat wall, I decided to bite the bullet and bring a dark wall to our bedroom. After talking to my friend Ginger Curtis, of Urbanology Designs, I decided to go all the way.

The first thing I did was paint the portion of the room without the feature wall a bright white. And if you don’t have one but plan on updating more than one room, I think it is a great idea to invest in one.

Once I had everything painted, I measured the wall and my husband and I began to cut the slats to size. I then used a clean fluffy soft paint brush to sweep any dust off. (At this point if you are doing any other color besides black, I highly suggest you calk all of the edges of the boards. After that, all I needed to do was touch up, and I used a small roller to go over the entire slat with the black paint a couple more times.

For artwork, I decided to use the trick for a modern frame by Angela Rose of @angelarosehome. Maybe its because the plywood I chose was so thin, so there was not a lot of margin for error when nailing the trim to it.

The headboard is just a giant piece of maple plywood that I sanded down with 220 grit. The side tables are from West Elm and so are the lamps (similar here), from a couple of years ago.

The herringbone patterned planters are old West Elm and the textured clay one is from Cedar Lane Home.

They recommend no bleach, so for the most part, I try to wash them in regular detergent on sanitize mode (extra boiling hot water) and I add vinegar and baking soda to brighten. They always have fantastic sales, and you can upload a photo of your room to test them out before you buy. Finally, the faux fiddle leaf is from QVC – it is the 5 foot version- and the basket is from ….yes, again, Target!

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