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Attempting a chalk paint project has been on my to do list. I’ve seen so many people doing beautiful furniture refinishing projects with chalk paint. So I thought I’d give it my best shot and find a used coffee table to refinish.

I bought a quart of it, along with a tin of protective finish in clear satin for the top coat.

The table had obviously been painted before and was sticky and full of scratches. I actually didn’t sand my table before painting except on those patches.

However, I would recommend you do a quick sand to help the paint adhere properly. I used an angled paint brush that worked great for getting in the corners.

For the top, I decided to give it a third coat, just to help blend in the brush strokes.

I loved how it looked at this point, and almost didn’t want to distress it!

I was glad I took the table outside on the deck to do this job, because it made a lot of dust. Lastly, I added the protective finish for a top coat.

I really want this table to last the wear and tear of my four kids, so I hope this product will do the job. The kids will love playing at the table, so I want it to be durable and easy to wipe off.

Before brushing on the finishing top coat, I wiped my table with a dry micofiber cloth to get the dust off. (Apparently I took a picture of the French side of the can, but you can see what it looks like anyway.)

Blue Chalk Paint Coffee Table

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