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You don’t have to live on a century-old east Texas homestead to enjoy the charms of a modern farmhouse kitchen. No matter where you live or the age of your home, you can create your own rustic charisma through these easy-to-love modern farmhouse kitchen ideas!

The modern farmhouse kitchen aesthetic is all about reclaimed wood, rustic hues, and the sleek clean lines of contemporary design.

Stay tuned to learn all about revamping the heart of your home – or reach out to one of our expert designers right now!

If your aesthetic leans a little more farmhouse than modern, consider a solid wood countertop with a white or a light gray cabinet color underneath. Here are a few key elements to consider when shopping for the perfect modern farmhouse cabinet styles:

Whether your inner design blogger is now raving about modern farmhouse kitchens or you’re still unsure about which style represents your true self, we’d love to help you find it and deliver it to your home. We have a full in-house team of modern farmhouse kitchen island designers, cabinet makers, and countertop installers.

Tips for designing a modern farmhouse kitchen
Tips for designing a modern farmhouse kitchen
Modern farmhouse kitchen in Lancaster PA
Modern farmhouse kitchen in Lancaster PA

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How to Design a Farmhouse Kitchen on a Budget