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When readers buy some of the products featured on Style & Living using the links below, we may receive a commission from each sale. Who needs a real green tree that's dead in a month when you can get a black artificial one that lasts forever and ever? We spend a fortune on lights, ornaments, and ribbons, just to cover up every inch that is green.

Well, according to an American Christmas Tree Association survey conducted by Nielsen, 81 percent of the estimated 95 million American households with Christmas trees this year will display artificial ones.

First of all, according to Consurmerist, a subsidiary of Consumer Reports, prices of Christmas trees have skyrocketed the past five years due to droughts, shortages, and fewer growers. This one is for those of you who need a big, lush, happy-ending rom-com Christmas tree.

This PVC beauty is shaped like a classic pine with 2,176 tips for you to hang all your 2,176 keepsake ornaments. It also comes with 800 clear bulbs, which means no fighting over stringing technique or light-storage strategies.

According to Wayfair, searches on its site for black Christmas tree are significantly higher than last year.

Holiday Time Pre-Lit 6.5' Madison Pine Black Artificial Christmas Tree Clear But, I will have you know, the first artificial Christmas trees were made in 19th-century Germany out of goose feathers that were dyed green. And finally, nothing says, "Black like my soul," like a good ol' Charlie Brown Christmas tree — only this one comes with lights so it's actually not that sad, and quite chic at night.

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