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Decorating a Christmas Tree is a fun family tradition, and I am so excited to decorate our Christmas Tree for the first time since we moved into our new home. It helped create an added element for the eye to land on. I started by adding small red berry sprays and stems of eucalyptus.

I cut them apart with wire cutters and stuck them into the tree sporadically.

Next, I layered three different types of floral sprays and wired them together. I used a red currant berry bush, a long pine pick, and an artificial cotton stem from the Autumn floral section.

My absolute favorite part is the DIY ornaments that I hand painted! I wanted to incorporate the farmhouse feel with black and white, but it was tricky to find something that I LOVED with a capital L. So, as soon as I found the Majic Ornament kits by the styrofoam balls, my mind went CRAZY with ideas! They didn’t need to be perfect, and I love how much they add to the tree for an inexpensive price tag! Galvanized Tree Collar, Red Teardrop ornaments,

Christmas Tree BEFORE Decorations
Christmas Tree BEFORE Decorations

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