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One color that I can’t seem to get enough of lately is navy blue, so I can almost guarantee that it’ll be making an appearance in the house. 🙂 I’d like to live in the house a bit, see how the sunlight affects different rooms, and then make a decision.

But in the meantime, I find myself searching for navy blue rooms on a regular basis for inspiration.

I really like navy blue used with lots of light, bright white.

Of course, if this were my room, I’d have drapery panels on all of those windows in a beautiful patterned fabric. I would certainly consider using navy blue in a room without lots of natural light as long as there were plenty of lamps, and as long as it suited the use of a room.

I think a home library would be the perfect candidate for navy blue to create a cozy feel like this room. Of course, any navy blue room of mine would also be accented with other colors.

This is such a stunning look with the light gray and white exterior.

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