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As summer approaches, you may be thinking about turning your backyard barbecue into your dream cooking and entertaining center. There’s an abundance of outdoor options, from simple surrounds for a basic grill to islands so tricked-out that you’d have trouble telling them from indoor ones unless you looked up and saw the sun or moon.

People often have big plans and ask for more than they need, then end up not using some of the accessories, such as warming drawers and side burners. For instance, if you barbecue outside only on the Fourth of July and maybe for one other social function a year, it doesn’t make sense to have a fancy, large outdoor kitchen with a lot of accessories. But if you’re truly interested in entertaining and using your outdoor kitchen as a full-service operation, then you’ll want to consider a bigger prep space and features like an outdoor refrigerator, sink, storage space and a bar or proximity to an entertaining or eating area. They generally feature an enclosed barbecue unit with doors to hide components and counter space on either side of the grill.

Locating the kitchen close to the house will reduce the price of pulling electrical, water and gas lines to a more remote part of your yard. If you envision the area as a full kitchen and stand-alone entertainment hub that you’ll use often — and you have the money — there’s no reason that it needs to be next to the house.

So that the cook can be part of the party, consider having bar or counter seating and a dining table near the prep area. Considering prevailing wind direction — make sure you put the barbecue downwind of your guests so that they aren’t shrouded in smoke.

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