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So, while I won’t bore you with my somewhat irrational reasoning behind painting the cabinets again, I will fill you in on our marble now that it’s been several months since it was installed. YES, we had InvisaBLOCK applied professionally by the company that installed the marble and it’s supposed to last at least ten years Definitely not for people who want a completely “perfect” looking counter, but anyone who is okay with some water stains and imperfection that comes with it yes!

Okay, so that probably sounds pretty confusing saying I would use again in a heartbeat but wouldn’t recommend them for a lot of people, but let me explain.

I read a million different reviews and opinions and ultimately decided to just go with what I had been dreaming of for the last several years. And re-reading it now I would say is EXTREMELY accurate and there is no way I could possibly write or explain it any better so I won’t even try.

If you are considering marble I would highly recommend going over to her blog and reading her very in depth review. I have to say that even though I am pretty easy going about stains and all the wear and tear that goes with young children I was a little stressed about the marble the first couple of weeks. We had a major “marker leaking through a picture one of the girls was coloring” incident just a couple of hours after the marble was installed – haha! Fortunately it all came up and didn’t leave any stains at all and after the first week or two I haven’t even thought twice about being “protective” of the marble. We do have plenty of water stains but you really only see those when you are crouched down at eye level and the light is hitting them a certain way. For me though it’s just part of the beauty of it and I can’t begin to describe how much I love it and I honestly can’t imagine ever using anything but marble again if I was given the choice when doing over a kitchen.

I’ve pondered building a shorter farmhouse table or hunting the local consignment shops for a circular one but haven’t decided which route I want to go yet. And couple of weeks ago we showed you the family room side of this space:

Cabinet Color- Winter’s Gate in Semi-Gloss by Benjamin Moore Trim Color – Simply White in Semi-Gloss by Benjamin Moore

Door Color – Mopboard Black in Semi-Gloss by Benjamin Moore All appliances are Whirlpool and were purchased at Lowe’s during their Memorial Day Sale

Menu Chalkboard – Dear Lillie (for sale in our shop coming very soon!) Pendants – These were a hand-me-down from my mom and they worked perfectly in here (originally from Bellacor) Circular Mirror – gift from my sister, Dana (from Antique Farmhouse)

Dishes – Emma Collection from Pottery Barn (wedding gifts) Vase next to wire basket – gift from my mother-in-law from Spring Mill in Indiana Marble Rolling Pin and Board – gift from my mother-in-law (from Sur La Table)

Table – Pier 1 years ago and has since been painted in French Linen from Lady Butterbug Striped Roman Shade in Window above Sink – made by me, you can read more about it here. Rocking Horse – gift from my mom (from RH Baby and Child)

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