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Whether you DIY or hire a contractor, know these things before you get started building a fire pit on your deck. Decks with fire pits have become a backyard goal for most homeowners, and for many good reasons.

The fire pit goes back to our primitive times, and when we consider it, maybe we like standing around a fire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows or telling stories over the glow of the flames, because it is in our nature.

So we find twigs and snapped branches, arrange them so strategically just to sit around it and watch it burn. Combining the entertainment space of a deck, with story telling circle created by the fire pit- results in the ultimate outdoor enjoyment for you and your family. (Be advised: in general, it isn’t a good idea to burn on a windy day, this tip is for typical daily breezes.)

A spark screen is a great addition to a fire pit. It is removable so you can still cook and add wood, but it will keep embers and ashes from flying out of the pit.

Not only is this the safest way to keep a fire burning, but it also creates a cozy sitting nook for your family and guests.

But you may want to also consider putting a bit of stone on the ground, surrounding the fire, even if only by a foot.

This could offer your deck an extra layer of protection from ashes, or even just fallen food that may be more difficult to get out of the wood. A chance to rekindle love, friendship, and a sense of our connection to nature.

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Decks With Fire Pits: Know This Before You Start Building
Decks With Fire Pits: Know This Before You Start Building

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