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Home decor styles may vary, but one thing is for certain: Hardwood is a top flooring choice for homeowners. Our team frequently notices things even the client doesn’t, like the family’s tendency to keep shoes on in the home or how often the dog runs down the hall after the kids. Byron Risdon, a designer out of Washington, D.C., offers this advice: Assess the space and how your daily activities affect your floor. After she gathers her clients’ expressed wishes, she asks key questions about their routine.

For homes with a high level of wear and tear, such as those with kids and pets, homeowners should choose a durable variety of wood. Oak, maple, and cherry have a high level of hardness, while pine, mahogany, and chestnut are softer and more prone to damage.

The wood’s finish and the underlayment material will also affect how well the floor withstands its environment. A vinyl or plastic-lined underlayment can help protect the subfloor in areas prone to wetness (great for homes with pets).

An airy and bright setting like a bungalow in a sunny desert town calls for a different look than the sleek and moody atmosphere of a city apartment. For a traditional aesthetic, consider warm colors and classic elements like wainscoting, Craftsman details, and other old-world features. For an updated aesthetic, complement the floor with whites and grays, and choose furniture with clean lines. Cooler shades of hardwood are quickly becoming the new norm, and they can balance many kinds of interior styles, including tailored and traditional, as well as updated and modern.

“A seasonal beach home where there is a great deal of natural light can create enough balance to make a golden-toned floor feel timeless,” says Weatherspoon. If you do choose this warmer hue, use it in spaces flooded with natural light and lots of updated elements.

“Cherry tones can also be used as a great foundation in a rustic space, as they add a certain warmth.”

Whether you choose light and bright or cozy and warm, hardwood flooring adds a beautiful touch to nearly any room of the home.

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