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In case you missed my week 3 update for the One Room Challenge, check it out here. Today I’ll share the full tutorial for a Faux Shiplap Wall.

I decided to make a faux shiplap wall rather than a real one because the cost would have been so much more. Plus, I didn’t want the paneling to be super thick on this wall.

I ended up buying 2 large under-layment panels at Lowe’s (about $20 each) and had them rip them into 6″ wide strips. I left my paint as is since it was a light grey and I figured the color wouldn’t show through.

I wasted no time and nailed my 1st piece right above the existing moulding. I decided to make it as easy as possible and cut the piece to the edge of the window seal leaving a small open space.

I almost wanted to keep it as is but I knew once it was painted white I would still love it. Now for the paint prep; spackle the holes, caulk the seams & sanding. The paint went on pretty easy the only set back was keeping up on removing it in the seams. I broke this project up over the weekend but realistically I could have finished the entire thing in one afternoon.

Make sure to follow along on my One Room Challenge for the entire office reveal.

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