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Natural jute perfectly accents your evergreen with earth tones, and the holiday symbolism on each ornament can be themed accordingly with the rest of your room and home. Garland and sprays are staples of adding a bit of natural flair to your farmhouse Christmas display, so be sure to peruse our assortment. With conventional colors and rural-like accents, these sprays are ideal for celebrating the simple things in life. From religious to universal banners, give your hearth, walls, and stairs the holiday touch they need to create the perfect flow! Farmhouse wreaths come with pinecones, twigs, and berries so as to give an atmosphere of natural decoration that’s refreshing in its aesthetic no matter the weather. Invite your family to help set up; there are even plush animals like bears and snowmen that are perfect for cuddling up with near a cozy fire.

Farmhouse Christmas Tree
Farmhouse Christmas Tree

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