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French Provincial Architecture Style Homes Became Popular Post WW I American soldiers returning from World War I admired similar houses in the French countryside when they were serving in Europe.

Featured in movies like Plaza Suite, North by Northwest, ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘The Way We Were’, not to mention the nod to, ‘The Way We Were on Sex and the City.’ The hotel is a fine example of French style.

And don’t forget the French Provincial McMansion that Tony and Carmella Soprano occupied: a nouveau-rich version, to be sure.

Replacing any damaged portions of the roof with slate tile can be costly, but would you rather look at 10 soaring feet of asbestos shingle? The copper trim that is so much a part of French provincial style can also be costly to maintain or replace.

And, if plumbing and wiring have not been replaced since the home was built, there is always the likelihood of an unpleasant and expensive surprise. French Provincial housing is common throughout the U.S., particularly in areas where the suburbs were built between the two World Wars.

And, as with any large house, be sure to take the cost of furnishing and heating a larger home into account when you’re crunching your budget numbers. French provincial homes tend to be rather grand: theirs is a country elegance, not a city-slick hauteur.

French Provincial House
French Provincial House
French Provincial House
French Provincial House

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