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Joshua Kemper is participating in the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX), a student exchange program jointly sponsored by the US Congress and the German Bundestag. CBYX gives students like me a chance to live in America for a whole year. My American school is very strict with rules on being late to class which was very surprising and new.

Another impression was that the people here are really interested in my home country and want to know more about our lifestyles. My new peers at school were very open about asking questions and listening to my answers. Alabamians are known for eating large portions and lots of sugar whereas when I was able to travel to Washington this was not the case.

I really enjoyed being part of my American high school’s football team and experience this first hand at pep rallies and games. Walking into a gym with the whole student body screaming and cheering is something I will never forget. It was an amazing experience to see the stands full of people and students having so much fun. What reaction did you receive from friends and family when you decided to join CBYX? My family was proud, happy, and a little bit upset at the same time. I am the baby of the family so leaving home while I am still in high school and going so far away was scary for them and for me.

CBYX helped to make me into the independent person I am today. I have improved so many different aspects of myself such as engaging others in conversations, being responsible and organization.

CBYX is a great organization that gives students like myself a once in a lifetime experience.

There are too many things to count that I have had the chance to see and do this year that without this opportunity I would never have experienced.

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