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Finding ways to fill in your window boxes and outdoor planters with plants and evergreen boughs can be challenging, but certainly feasible. Begin by removing any annuals that were growing in the boxes and planters (which by now are looking pretty shabby due to the sub freezing weather we have had recently!). Make sure the planters have plenty of potting soil that will be able to support evergreen boughs and small plants for the winter season. Next, let’s look at a selection of appropriate plants, evergreens and native sticks that will work in your window boxes and planters. Choosing large specimen plants that may not survive the tight sized planters will be an expensive mistake. Select evergreen boughs (spruce, fir, pine, cypress, holly and boxwood) many of which can be found in your own landscape.

Collect your plants, boughs and twigs and formulate a design plan for installing in the window boxes and planters. Even though you may be planting some small shrubs and inserting evergreen boughs into the window boxes you will not have to water them.

Use the plants you have in your yard for variety...rhododendron clippings, yellow cypress boughs, ornamental grasses, and andromedas are all creative choices for your decorating. The important point is to use evergreens that will provide your outdoor window boxes and planters with color and structure all winter long!

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