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Not only is a home coffee bar a practical spot to store all your coffee-making essentials, but it can also be a focal point in your kitchen as well. Plus, it makes for a fun spot to serve groups of friends and family their favorite brewed beverage as well. Coffeemaker – there are so many different kinds of coffee makers but whether you love to french press, one-pot or Keurig it, you will need to be well equipped! A place to store coffee beans and other coffee-making essentials – think of canisters, small vases, trays and more to house all the functional items you will need. I think home coffee stations tend to be in the kitchen most often because that way it is near a water source (and the dishwasher). For example, this concrete-topped coffee bar would look just as lovely in a living room or master bedroom as it would the kitchen.

I spend a lot of time in there writing and working, so why not keep myself energized with some java? You can use a countertop, a side table, a cart, or a cabinet to create a DIY home coffee station that fits your needs and your space. Placing your home coffee station away from the main working area of the kitchen allows people to serve themselves without getting in the way of the cook. I love how the dark wood of the coffee station makes it stand out and separate from the rest of the light, bright kitchen.

If you have an empty wall in your home that doesn’t seem to have any good purpose, you can create your own dedicated coffee station complete with cabinets and countertops – even a mini-fridge! Cute, portable and perfect to take to the sitting room or even the back patio when you have guests over.

With a little bit of creativity and design, you can repurpose an old piece of furniture (like a dresser) into a stylish DIY coffee station. This type of setup is perfect for the ultimate coffee lover who has many accessories that need to be stored or wants to consolidate furniture.

This coffee station takes advantage of a narrow wall to make great use of a small space.

The unit also has room to store mugs, glasses, vases, and additional coffee supplies.

Chic and minimalist (but still with everything you really need), this coffee bar example shows just how little counter space is actually required when you have everything but the essentials tucked away into cabinets or drawers. Utilize an open shelf in virtually any space to create a minimalist home coffee station.

Keeping the top of the shelf more decorative and the bar underneath more practical is a brilliant idea. With these ideas to inspire you, let your creativity soar and create a home coffee station you can use daily and enjoy looking at!

coffee station ideas for a home coffee bar. #ABlissfulNest #coffeestation #homecoffeestation #coffeebar
coffee station ideas for a home coffee bar. #ABlissfulNest #coffeestation #homecoffeestation #coffeebar

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