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In this guide, you’ll learn how to keep your cabinetry project within your budget when upgrading your kitchen. Because you have so many different options at your fingertips, it’s difficult to nail down a price range that fits your unique kitchen.

If each piece of equipment costs $1 or $2, you could redo your hardware for under $50, even in a big kitchen, if you self-install.

The large range in price can seem dizzying at first, but you can find new cabinet hardware to fit virtually any budget because there is so much flexibility.

Remember, though, because prices can vary so much, you won’t know for sure until you look into your desired hardware and figure out how much you’ll need to outfit your kitchen. Glass, metal, stone, and resin all become cabinet hardware options for a standard-sized kitchen past the $500 mark.

All the previously mentioned materials fit the bill in this price range, as well as some low and mid-end types of crystal. You can work with a local cabinet contractor or kitchen remodeler to get exactly what you want (or need) for your space.

A kitchen remodel costs $25,000 over average, which would mean you cabinetry would make you around 20% of the total project.

In these cases, anything you can DIY (hardware removal, sanding, painting) can reduce costs.

Materials largely determine the final cost of your cabinet hardware project. Material Price Range per Piece Glass $3 – $25 Crystal $3 – $75 Ceramic $1 – $15 Resin $3 – $10 Stone $3 – $50 Wood $1 – $10 Plastic $1 – $5 Brass $1 – $200 Bronze $1 – $200 Copper $1 – $200 Iron $1 – $200

The average kitchen cabinet hardware project costs under $300 for installation. That said, you may incur higher costs if you hire a cabinetmaker to create and install custom hardware.

Especially on old cabinets, sometimes additional work (refitting or refacing) is needed to complete the job, resulting in more material and labor costs.

Big home improvement store chains typically offer free shipping or delivery when you order online or in-store.

At lower budgets, style doesn’t necessarily change the price of your new cabinet hardware. Weigh the pros and cons of matching home hardware or mix-and-match styles.

Round and oval pull knobs are two of the more popular options you’ll find from manufacturers. From glass to wood to various metals, you’ll likely find knobs or handle products in these shapes made from all materials.

For a slightly different aesthetic, some may opt for square knobs or handles over round or oval.

Novelty cabinet hardware is great for those looking for a little flair and could include (but isn’t limited to) fun designs, interesting shapes and color designs, memorable textures, and even animal figures.

Ornate cabinet pulls come with intricate, often elegant designs, shapes, and patterns.

A kitchen countertop and wooden cabinets
A kitchen countertop and wooden cabinets

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