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One big reason we purchased our home was that it was a blank slate with great bones. Since it was a new build, everything was fresh, but we could also put our stamp on it because it had simple neutral walls as a backdrop. Step 1: Hang Sconces Up the Stairs (Bonus – Use the Magic Light Trick!) In this case, since we have a small window above our landing, it helps visually balance out the space. He was a professional fine art painter so I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate a few of his many pieces into our home. If you have a small landing (or depending on your layout, even right at the base of your stairs) be sure to create a “moment” with decor to visually tie everything together.

If you have a larger space then we do, this would be the perfect spot for a bench and some pillows, or even a chair and small stool to create a little nook. In our case, the round rattan table helps the eye travel from the floor up to the window and sconce/art. We replaced our old builder grade chandelier with this gorgeous large scale brass fixture a few months ago. I went with brass for all the fixtures in this space, though they don’t necessarily have to match as long as they coordinate well together.

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