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We needed a long sofa table that I just couldn’t find on the market, so we decided to build our own! This basic frame is easy to build and will give you a great decorative space that is also inexpensive and functional.

We weren’t able to find any sofa tables that were this length, which made this the perfect project!

*Builder Tip #1: We originally had the table height measured to the back of the couch frame.

When we first put the table in place and decorated it – all the items were below the couch eye line because it was too low! Your horizontal cuts will be the length of your table top minus the 2 inch box frame on each side & middle.

Your vertical cuts will be the height you want the table minus 2 inches for to accommodate the 2×12 board. Take two long vertical boards, lie them flat and place your small horizontal pieces in between the two at the top and the bottom. After you predrill the holes, use your 3 inch screw to secure the boards into place. It is easiest to screw into place the two bottom horizontal pieces first to the outside box frame. We chose the side with less knots and only filled them in slightly with the wood filler for a more rustic looking table. After you apply the wood glue, lift the frame onto the table top (it will all be upside down) and secure it with your 3 inch nails.

We only filled in a few wood knots on the top, just for a smoother finish but rustic look. We used a dark walnut color stain and applied the finish a total of 3 times to get the tone we wanted.

The strong smell of the stain requires the table to air out for several days in the garage or outdoors. Our farmhouse sofa table is one of my favorite pieces in our living room.

It’s perfect to add lighting, decor items, and even my coffee when I’m curled up reading my book. This easy design is a great way to add a custom piece to your living room, for such a low cost!

Grey Modern Farmhouse Living Room
Grey Modern Farmhouse Living Room
Grey Modern Farmhouse Living Room
Grey Modern Farmhouse Living Room

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