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Of those who wanted a laundry room, 54% considered it essential and would not buy a home that didn't have one. A close second on the list of desirable attributes in a home are Energy STAR-rated windows, mentioned by 89% of respondents.

In nearly every location preference, the key is a workable, separate laundry space so that noise from the washer and dryer are limited and dirty clothes are concealed. And, a space with plenty of storage and a spot to organize daily household chores.

Home buyers are requesting a space that not only houses the washer and dryer but has a deep laundry sink that can be used for soaking clothes, washing the dog, and cleaning up after hobbies such as gardening and painting. If the laundry area is large enough to house other activities, it is most often located adjacent to the garage.

Most homeowners enter and exit through the garage, and having the expanded laundry room there helps to streamline clean-up and organization. Allowing kids and adults to drop off dirty clothes before they get scattered around the home makes laundry chores easier. With just seven steps, you can stage your laundry area so that a buyer will be ready to make an offer.

Washer and dryer with shelving in a laundry room.
Washer and dryer with shelving in a laundry room.

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